Reconciliation Dream Meaning

What does coming to terms with someone mean in a dream? Reconciliation in a dream predicts the beginning of a favorable life period. Besides that, this plot promises luck in all endeavors.

    Who did you reconcile with in a dream?
  • putting up with a friend - means having fun;
  • reconciliation with the enemy - attempts to correct the mistake;
  • reconciling with a girl - warns of her betrayal;
  • reconciliation with a loved one - happiness;
  • coming to terms with your husband - a period of problems;
  • reconciling with a guy - jealousy on his part;
  • coming to terms with a girl-friend - seeing her soon.
    What are the Top-5 bad dreams about coming to terms with someone?
  • Reconciliation of colleagues speaks of trouble at work.
  • Parents reconciling - means the illness of a family member.
  • Strangers coming to terms - the risk of becoming a victim of violence.
  • Reconciliation with a neighbor - deterioration of living conditions.
  • Coming to terms with a relative - means the loss of a valuable thing.
    What are the Top-5 good reconciliation dream meanings?
  • Making peace at war in dreams predicts positive changes in life.
  • Coming to terms during a fight - means winning the lottery.
  • Making peace with someone and hugging - receiving an inheritance.
  • Reconciling and shaking hands - the appearance of an influential patron.
  • Reconciling and quarreling again - means getting rid of the ill-wisher.

According to Miller's dream book, such a dream predicts a breakdown in plans.

According to Freud, a dream of reconciliation symbolizes a lack of attention from your loved ones.

    Additional meanings for men:
  • a married man dreams of putting up with someone at home - means prosperity and well-being;
  • reconciling with someone at work - predicts promotion.

According to Vanga's dream book, such a dream is a sign of worsening relations with relatives.

    Additional interpretations by Vanga:
  • reconciliation of parents in a dream is a sign of financial dependence;
  • friends reconciling - means improving health and longevity;
  • enemies’ reconciliation - means solving an old problem;
  • children coming to terms - a pleasant surprise.

According to Nostradamus, reconciliation with a deceased person in a dream is a sign of danger.

Longo considered reconciliation by phone in dreams a sign of a favorable combination of circumstances.

    Azar gives the following brief interpretations:
  • reconciliation after a fight in dreams predicts a fun pastime;
  • coming to terms after treason - bargains;
  • reconciling after parting - stagnation in business.

According to Veles, reconciliation in dreams reflects finding a way out of a difficult situation.

Sergii Haranenko
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