Losing an earring omens and superstitions

Earrings, as an ornament, have several millennia of rich and interesting history. For example, in ancient Egypt and Assyria, only representatives of high society were allowed to wear jewelry in their ears. Didn’t the old sign “losing an earring” come from them? Indeed, in the old days, the social status of the owner, his marital status, and occupation were determined by the earrings.

Earrings as a talisman

In Slavic people, a girl received her first pair of earrings at the age of five: despite Christianization, the properties of strong amulets were attributed to jewelry. That is why they were worn by both little girls, who seemed to be too early to lure suitors with their beauty, and adult women, whose ears were always securely hidden with simple scarves or rich headdresses.

    Men also did not shy away from earrings. They were also worn by citizens of simple classes, but the earrings took root especially firmly among representatives of dangerous professions, where luck and the help of higher powers played a huge role:
  • Slavic knights pierced one ear, the people even called them that - earringers.
  • Sailors are superstitious people, whose life is full of all sorts of signs and amulets to this day. The cinematic image of Captain Jack Sparrow, for all its caricature, is not so far from medieval realities.
  • Merchants and highway robbers wore talisman earrings: these two categories were generally partially interchangeable in ancient times - robbers traded in cities as honest people, and merchants did not hesitate to rob a weaker colleague on the highway.

The tradition of turning earrings into amulets or talismans has survived to this day.

Why do earrings get lost?

About men, the sign of a lost earring speaks briefly: this is a sign of deterioration in the financial situation.

As for women, social status, the material of the earring, even which ear the jewelry slipped off is of great importance.

So, if we are talking about bijouterie made of stone, glass, alloy – this sign promises a coming pleasant acquaintance with a good man. Moreover, he will not necessarily become your lover, perhaps you will become good friends. But, if a piece of jewelry made of gold or silver is missing, the beliefs say there may be a wedding soon.

For a married woman, the loss of one earring from the pair, especially if it was a gift from her husband, threatens with divorce - perhaps just because of a new acquaintance? But losing both earrings is a sign favorable for a married lady: pleasant changes in life await her: there will be financial well-being and harmony in the family.

Often fashionistas ask themselves: does the sign about lost earring work in relation to the popular piercing? Most interpreters agree that yes: the meaning of the omen does not change depending on where you wore the ring / stud / clicker: in your ear, in your eyebrow or in your nose.

Meaning of losing the earring from the right ear

    The loss of an earring from the right ear is considered a favorable sign:
  • the girl will soon meet her betrothed;
  • a couple in love will definitely get married;
  • spouses will find harmony and mutual understanding.

If you lose an earring from your right ear, and find it later, then the favorable effect of the omen is not canceled, but it weakens somewhat: for example, your new love affair will be pleasant, but short-lived; financial profit will not be so noticeable, they will be “eaten up” by sudden expenses.

Some sources claim that the loss of the right earring promises a meeting with an old friend whom you have not seen for a long time.

What does it mean if you lost an earring from the left ear?

If the earring from the left ear is lost, the sign is less optimistic: serious difficulties await you. The belief promises a love relationship that will bring you a lot of joy, but there will be enough grief. This relationship can end in a happy marriage, but you will need a lot of endurance and perseverance to overcome the trials prepared by fate.

Note that we are talking about events, obstacles, circumstances. If the cause of the difficulties lies in the bad character of the chosen one, then a happy ending is not guaranteed by the omen.

If the lost earring is found

Many experts agree that it is not worth wearing lost and found jewelry. Since the earrings serve as a talisman, taking trouble upon them, they can arbitrarily unfasten for the benefit of the owner. The fact is that amulets and talismans should be cleaned and recharged from time to time, as they are filled with negative energy.

You should not think that if you did not contact the Master to program your jewelry, then there is no need to clean the product. In fact, many natural materials are endowed with certain properties that work against your will. Gold and natural stones cope with protective functions especially well.

In addition, sometimes we unconsciously turn this or that object into a talisman - sometimes it is enough to believe that the thing really brings good luck, and it becomes true.

Sign: finding someone else's earring

Practitioners know that beautiful, expensive jewelry is often deliberately exposed to damage, illness, and curses. For this reason, you should not pick up the found jewelry: how do you know what it was charged with, what was the energy of the last owner.

Therefore, there is no unequivocal sign about the found earring: this is a lottery where you take risks without the tips of people's experience. If the owner of the earring is young and lucky, you will get a piece of her well-being. But if she is sick or unhappy ... well, it means that you have been tempted in vain by the jewelry brilliance of someone else's little thing.

And in no case should you pick up jewelry found in a cemetery.

Interpreters know another sign according to which finding an earring means a joyful event: pregnancy. The main thing is that the jewelry should be made of gold. You should decide for yourself whether to keep an expensive little thing or not. If you are afraid to “pick up” someone else’s misfortunes with someone else’s earring, you can not pick it up: your choice will not affect the effect of the omen.

In general, folk signs about lost, found and earrings seen in dreams are favorable. Some of them warn of difficulties, but Eastern interpreters advise a woman who has lost her jewelry to pay attention to her husband: according to Asian beliefs, this incident indicates that the spouse lacks affection and care.

What is losing an earring dream meaning?

    The interpretation of a dream in which an earring is lost largely depends on the plot of the dream:
  • If a single woman dreams that she finds a missing earring, this means a romantic meeting awaits her soon.
  • Losing inexpensive jewelry in a dream predicts a life change.
  • Looking for your favorite earring in the box for a long time and getting angry – means you should be careful with your surroundings. Not everyone who claims to be your friend actually wishes you well.
  • Dropping an earring at home - a dream promises exciting news. If it happened on the street – the plot means family disagreements.
  • If in a dream you lost a pair of earrings that you wear all the time in reality, beware of deceit in love.
  • According to a sign, losing an earring with a blue stone from the right ear in a dream means facing the meanness of a loved one.
  • The loss of jewelry with a red stone promises love experiences; in general, a dream about earrings with stones calls for prudence and caution.
  • If the earring lost in a dream was made of silver, the dream says that soon the dreamer will have to experience disappointment and confusion. And, perhaps, this is not about deception on the part of friends and partners: try to compare the interpretation of a dream about silver in general, which the dream book offers.
Sergii Haranenko

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