Gold Earrings Dream Meaning

What does a dream of gold earrings mean? Dreaming of earrings from gold - may be a sign of a cash prize. Gold earrings in a dream also speak of having fun with the family.

Dreams containing jewelry may have both positive and negative interpretation. The prognosis of pair pieces of jewelry is even more interesting; as usual the exact interpretation depends on details. First of all, such a dream will be associated not only with the dreamer, but his interaction with other people as well. The items in pairs assume a union, either business or romantic one; if one item is missing, this plot has a negative meaning.

If a man sees someone wearing gold earrings, this is a symbol of responsibility and commitments. You may be expecting a situation that will lead you to guardianship over someone close to you in future. If the dreamer was holding the gold earrings in his hand, this image has a positive meaning stating he will have a chance to improve his financial situation.

If a pregnant woman sees gold earrings in her dream, she may be sure she will have a boy.

A dream about gold earrings seen by a woman will bring her good news that will help solve the situation that she has, get financial independence and positive emotions.

If a young woman was wearing earrings in a dream, but they seemed too heavy and she felt uncomfortable, this plot has a negative interpretation: she will soon have burden and responsibilities that are too hard for her.

Seeing an unknown woman wearing earrings in a dream is a negative sign warning you about gossip around you spread by your rival. Besides that you should be watching your husband: he may be already cheating on you.

According to Miller, gold earrings are associated with new pleasant and interesting work that will help you improve your current financial situation. The more beautiful the earrings were in a dream, the better the situation will be. But if even one of the earrings was broken, the dream is interpreted negatively. In this case it becomes a warning about gossip, slander and intrigues, lowering of your authority either at work or in personal relations.

A dream about breaking gold earrings means a conflict with the boss.

Getting new gold earrings as a gift in a dream is a sign of new interesting business acquaintance. Besides that, your friend or beloved one will help you find a business partner.

But if the earrings were in the form or a circle, this is a symbol of cyclicality, returning to past; this means you will be “stepping on the same rake”. If a young woman sees earrings with stones, this image means she will have a number of small chores that will not let her relax and enjoy her days. But if the stone was the only one, big and precious, she may be expecting love confession or very kind attitude of a close friend.

If a married woman sees a dream about earrings with a number of small white stones, this means she will be crying a lot because of her partner; and she doesn’t deserve such attitude. The reason for such attitude is gossip spread by her rivals.

If a young woman received gold earrings as a present, this is a positive sign. Depending on who gave them to her, she can understand the meaning of the dream. If it was a man, she will soon get love confession or marriage proposal; if it was a woman, the girl can be expecting attention from a man who likes her a lot.

Actions with earrings dream meaning.

If a manbought earrings in a dream, he can be expecting problems with authorities and different officials. He should take care of all his papers and documents because the checkup can be expected any moment; if there are drawbacks, they will find them immediately.

If a young unmarried woman was buying them, this dream means she will have a persistent annoying admirer. His feelings will not be sincere and he will have his own mercenary goals.

Dropping gold earrings in dreams warns of exacerbating chronic diseases. Giving someone antique gold earrings - means the successful completion of the working project.

Finding gold earrings is a positive sign. This is a precursor of profitable endeavor if seen by a businessman; and success depends on his business partners. If a married man dreams of finding a large number of gold earrings, this may mean an office romance.

Handing over gold earrings to a pawnshop in a dream warns of losing an expensive thing.

If a man is trying on earrings in a dream, this symbol reveals the secrets of his unconscious. He is trying to seem who he is not all the time; as a result, he is stressed, annoyed and tired.

If someone was putting the earrings on the woman’s ears, this dream is a warning from thoughtless steps, gambling and indiscreet actions. You should act according to your conscience, otherwise your reputation will be spoiled.

Trying on gold earrings is a positive sign for a young woman promising new romantic acquaintance that can even end up with wedding.

Losing an earring in a dream is a negative sign, especially for married people. This dream is a reason to think about your marriage, you can lose your partner because of your stupid actions.

A broken earring lock is also a bad sign. You will have to face problems and misunderstandings at work. If someone stole your gold earrings, you should beware of a rival in your life. If you didn’t like the item that was stolen, this dream can have positive meaning and symbolize getting rid of burdening circumstances.

Sergii Haranenko
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