Ears Dream Meaning

We perceive most of the information visually, only ten percent of the perception comes by ears, but in addition to the function of hearing, the ears are an important erogenous zone, and there are many dots through which you can influence a person. From the point of view of correct perception, the dream interpretation explains what this organ means in a dream.

Everything that is connected with auditory organs in a dream can be interpreted as news that we will receive in real life. But whether they will be good or bad, what is the point of them? Here interpretations of dream books differ depending on the details of the dream.

According to Miller’s dream book, ears belonging to a stranger in a dream symbolize a prejudice of someone against you: absurd rumors are spread about you behind your back that can undermine relations with your soulmate or friends.

For women, dreaming about their ears is a sign of distrust of their lover. In your heart you understand that he is really attached to you, and he will never betray, but in reality his sweet words do not cause you a positive response.

If a girl happened to whisper in someone’s ear in a dream, then the dream book predicts that her best friend harbors anger at her. If they whispered into her ears, this means her friends are not as faithful as they seem, they gossip and intrigue against the dreamer.

For a man, a whisper in his ear in a dream is a prediction of new tender love relationships in reality. Take a closer look at the girls around you - one of them has unspoken feelings for you, and is eager to meet you.

If the fly flew into your ear in a dream, the dream interpretation interprets such a plot as a sign that annoying friends are hanging up "noodles on your ears". You do not need to listen to anyone who is trying to prove to you that another person is unrighteous - this is hoax, trust only your intuition.

For a woman who can be persuaded with skillfully chosen words, a kiss on the ear in a dream is a prediction of a dream book about deceiving of a loved one. Try to look at the facts and not listen to the eloquent phrases - in your case they are not true.

For a man who managed to kiss a woman’s ear in a dream, the relationship with whom he has long dreamed about, there can be no doubt what such an erotic story is about: soon the subject of lust will be entirely and completely yours. But the heart of the untouchable will melt only if you take the first step.

Why do you dream of swine ears? This is a symbol of a vicious relationship that will not ultimately lead to a happy end. Such a dream often comes to traitors and unfaithful wives - the deception will be revealed soon, and you will lose your soulmate forever.

What is the meaning of a dream about dirty ears? The dreambooks interpret such a plot in a dream as a lie which you hear from the lips of a good friend. You should not take all words on faith, listen to your inner voice, and if it says that you are cheated, then it is so.

If you are not indifferent to other people's secrets, and you had to clean your ears in a dream, then you can have no doubt what the dream of this picture is for: soon you will find out many secrets that will rediscover your look at certain friends' actions.

Blood from the ear in a dream is a prediction of news that will be directly related to relatives. If you felt pain when bleeding, then the news will be bad, and painlessness is a symbol of good and joyful news.

What does a torn off ear symbolize in a dream? According to the interpretation of the dream book, it is a symbol of an all-consuming passion for a person of the opposite sex. Even for married people, such a dream leaves no chance to stay true to your spouse.

If you like to be in the center of events, and to be literally aware of everything, then soon you will have to lose such an opportunity – this is how the dream book interprets the cut-off ear in dreams. Because of your fault you will not be able to receive truthful information any more, just because you will lose the trust of loved ones.

In almost the same way the dream book explains the situation when someone cuts off your ear in a dream. Only in this interpretation will you be divorced from the events around you due to the fault of an outsider. Such a dream is especially pitiable for business men; they will no longer have the opportunity to learn about the steps of competitors.

A dream about pus from the ear is a bad sign. A conspiracy is being built against you, which will lead to the decline of all affairs. In this case, no action is necessary, this cannot be prevented, just take care about your peace of mind, because a nervous situation can lead to serious mental consequences.

Why do you dream of sore ear? The dream interpretation can interpret such a plot as real malfunctions in the dreamer's body. If you feel unwell, weak, it is better to see a doctor than wait for possibly irreparable consequences.

In another interpretation, if an ear hurts in a dream, you can expect bad news about your career or work. Most likely, you will be demoted or fired, so it’s worth showing your managers only the best work, and then troubles can be avoided.

Unpleasant words addressed to you, quarrels and scandals with others can be provoked by a dream with worms in your ears. At the moment, the dreamer's nervous system is in a very vulnerable state, special attention should be paid to mental health.

Thanks to your comprehensive awareness, you will have a chance to make good money if you see hair in your ears in a dream. But this opportunity will be missed if the hair falls out.

Dirt in the ears is a symbol of gossip that is not even partially true. If they set you up against relatives, telling nasty things about them, the dream book advises you not to trust these stories, they are full of lies.

If a young girl dreamed of earrings in her ears, this is a symbol of a dream book about the sympathy of an attractive young man shown to you. Also, such a dream seen in summer can portend an expensive present from a boyfriend.

You should pay attention to what others are telling you - this is how the dreambooks interprets what earrings in your ears symbolize in a dream. The statements of strangers can remove the veil from your eyes, and you will see the situation in a new light.

Gold earrings in the ears - a prediction of a dream book of unprecedented wealth. If you listen to what they say around, then you will be lucky to participate in a very profitable business.

And what is the meaning of a dream of the earring in the man’s ear? The dream interpretation predicts that the second half of the dreamer may lose its significance in his eyes, because of gossip that is spread by ill-wishers.

Why do you dream about piercing your ears? Any damage to the body has a negative interpretation of the dream book, especially if you experience pain during a puncture, as in reality, the plot in a dream can symbolize the obstacles your enemies are causing you.

In general, any damage to the earlobe, even with a needle, or with another sharp object, is a sign of future changes, and most often they carry negative energy in themselves. The dream book advises to be careful in all areas of life, and trust only verified information.

Why do you dream about big ears? The dream book predicts that you will find joyful news that can turn over a boring and monotonous life and make it an excellent kaleidoscope of fateful events overnight.

Sergii Haranenko
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