Omens predicting luck and fortune. Signs for happiness.

The feeling of constant bad luck, unwillingness to do what you love or to go to work - all this is a sign that there is not enough positive in your life. To become happier, you should pay attention to folk wisdom.

What are the folk omens and superstitions promising happiness and luck?

Meeting a disabled person in a wheelchair or on crutches on an empty road predicts a long and happy life.

Sneezing several times in a row before meal – is a sign of luck in all endeavors.

It is a good omen to receive a silver item as a gift unexpectedly, it is promising a successful outcome of the business started.

If a woman accidentally collides with a man – this omen promises a joyful event and happiness.

Good luck in your personal life will come if you meet three girls with red hair on the way. But the girls have to go one by one.

If you are constantly bumping into a cobweb or a spider weaving a web in your home, it is a good sign that portends good luck and prosperity.

What are the other signs and omens about seeing a spider?

If, while walking in the park, a dove landed on a bench next to you, this is an omen predicting a joyful event, according to the signs.

An anthill that appeared near the threshold or in the yard – is a sign that predicts unexpected success.

The omens say that if rooks built a nest near your dwelling – this means happy future.

Getting caught in the pouring rain – is an omen promising wealth and good luck.

Finding a horseshoe on the road - promises abundance.

Beliefs say that you will be lucky in love if you hear a cuckoo coming to the house.

The cherished dream will come true if you meet a priest leaving the house.

It is a good omen that portends well-being if you see from the street in the evening that the light is on in your own house, although there is no one there.

What dreams predict luck, happiness and success?

If you see a blooming garden in a dream, this is a promise of improvement of the financial situation and luck.

Eating honey in a dream – is a sign promising a happy future.

If you dreamed of dahlias - fate will be favorable to you, according to the signs.

To see a bee in a dream - means achieving your goals.

If you dreamed of a burning house - sadness and anxiety will go away, a bright streak will come.

Feeding poultry in a dream is a good sign that promises prosperity.

To dance in pairs in a dream - means the fulfillment of innermost desires.

If you dreamed of gentle sun rays - this is a symbol of grace and luck.

The main thing you should remember is that if you do not fixate on failures and do not pay attention to troubles, your life will change dramatically.

Are superstitions right when warning us about something?

Sergii Haranenko

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