Meaning Of A Cat As A Symbol

The cat is a controversial symbol. If we turn to history, we can see that among some peoples this animal personified a protector, a reliable patron, the bright side, while others called it the servant of the devil himself. What does a cat symbolize today?

The symbol of what a cat is?

A cat is a spiritual animal, and its symbolism largely depends on where you met it (in a dream or in reality), whether it is your totem, if it is a talisman, and how it looks.

In a general sense, a cat is a symbol of patience. It knows how to wait and chooses the most appropriate time for activity, action, jumping, attacking. The animal is also a symbol of intuition, clairvoyance, and independence.

For example, in Ancient Egypt, cats were idolized and treated with respect or even awe. It was believed that they were capable of bringing only good. As history shows, in this country there was a real cult associated with cats, and one of the most revered goddesses was Bast, the assistant of the god Ra; she was depicted as a woman with a cat's head.

In Ancient Rome, cats were associated with the goddess Artemis, and a little later the animal became a symbol of freedom.

The Celts considered cats to be messengers of evil forces. Moreover, following their beliefs, they sacrificed the felines.

Cat color influence

The symbolism of a cat does not depend on the breed, but the color of the fur is of great importance.

Red cat – leadership qualities, courage, confidence. A red cat will help in any endeavor; the talisman encourages active people, those who believe in their own strength. With such a talisman it is easier for a person to make decisions and start new things. A red cat predicts changes, and if necessary, the talisman will help in the love sphere, however, under one condition: if its owner is not red-haired. In this case, it will bring loneliness.

Gray is a symbol of harmony, mystery, silence, the transition from bad to good. In general sense, a gray or silver cat becomes the personification of childhood. It is during this period that we do not yet feel the burden of growing up, everything seems measured, and life is quiet and gentle. Remember, a lot of us had a gray cat as a child. The gray cat brings peace, stability, it helps hold on to the present and at the same time makes you look back, remember past experiences in order to understand that good changes are just around the corner.

White cat – purity, healing, luck, positivity. The smoother and purer the color of the fur, the more strength the cat is endowed with. Such an animal heals and protects from thousands of misfortunes. Psychics advise loving a white cat, and it will increase prosperity, maintain peace in the family, improve health and increase the level of spirituality.

A three-colored cat (calico cat) is considered to be energetically strong. It is believed that if such an animal attaches itself to your home, success will soon await you.

Meaning of black cat as a symbol

The black color of fur has long been considered mystical. A cat of this color was associated with the other world and evil spirits. However, a black cat does not always carry negativity. Traveling between worlds, such pets help psychics contact the souls of the dead; they are able to ward off the evil eye and damage from home.

A black kitten is considered a reliable protector against thieves and is able to prevent accidents: people say that it will protect the house from fire and lightning strikes. In addition, the animal will increase wealth and make a successful owner even more successful.

If we talk about the negative attitude towards the black cat, it can be clearly seen in ancient legends. In ancient times, an animal with this color was associated with witches, satanic affairs, and black magic.

It was believed that every witch always took a black cat with her to the Sabbath. And even when the devil’s servant was discovered and burned at the stake, superstitious people believed that she could return to our world, reincarnated as this very black cat.

If we consider a black cat based on the symbols of the spiritual world, there is a single opinion: the animal personifies physical healing. This is due to the fact that they are endowed with healing powers. It’s not without reason that for many years black cats have accompanied herbalists, healers, and traditional healers everywhere.

Totem cat

If a cat is a human totem, it can influence various areas of life. The animal is known for having nine lives left. However, this does not mean that you can expose yourself to danger or take unnecessary risks.

A person is given a chance to see the result and understand whether the goal is worth the money that will be spent on achieving it. And each of the nine lives will give such an opportunity.

The cat denotes patience, endurance and at the same time agility. Follow its tactics: remain motionless until that very moment. By calculating the odds correctly and making the jump at the right time, you can hit the jackpot. Don't rush things or, conversely, wait too long.

The totem cat will give its owner the ability to “see in the dark.” A person will be able to recognize lies, identify ill-wishers and false friends. This ability is not given to everyone, but only to those who are not lazy to take into account the smallest details.

The symbol will teach a person to fully relax and enjoy sleep. After all, sleep is an important component of our life, and performance depends on its quality. During the rest period, a person will be able to fully recharge the body.

The cat is characterized by independence and the ability for protection. Sometimes independence can border on a thirst for loneliness, complete detachment, but at the same time the person will have enormous social connections. And the totem cat will come to the rescue in time - it will give the ability to protect both itself and its loved ones.

The cat is inherently attractive and sexy, and its every step is graceful. It endows the owner with the same qualities. A person’s character becomes soft, cat-like, thanks to which he gains fame in his surrounding; people begin to be drawn to him.

Such people are loved because they know how to make others happy. And sexuality in their lives takes on a special meaning: it is often thanks to it that development occurs and goals are achieved.

These people are clean. They know how to take care of themselves (both women and men) and keep their home completely clean. And they are always independent and try to ensure order without the help of others.

A cat’s curiosity and ingenuity also affects a person’s life. The owner of such a symbol will try to be the first to learn all the news and turn this knowledge to his advantage.

Moreover, a person with a cat totem does not always occupy a leadership position. More often he will be in close proximity to the leader, as they say, he will find a “warmer place.” Having made himself as comfortable as possible, thanks to his intelligence, he will definitely receive all the benefits he expects.

Advantages of people with a cat totem

    These people are distinguished by:
  • sharp mind and ability to make the right decisions;
  • independence and the ability to independently solve their problems;
  • self-esteem and complete self-confidence;
  • vigilance, reticence and a high level of self-control.

Disadvantages of a cat totem

However, the image of a cat also has its drawbacks.

    A person's weaknesses are manifested in the following:
  • complete independence often brings with it loneliness, since when making independent decisions, a person neglects the opinions, advice, and tips of others;
  • understanding of one’s own strength develops into self-confidence, and a person crosses this line without noticing it, and complete confidence in one’s rightness does not allow one to see how others suffer;
  • the totem cat correctly calculates its own strength, but more often tries to save it, as a result it begins to manipulate others;
  • cat cunning often develops into outright deception - a person gives high intellectual abilities as a gift to his own ego.

Totem cat for women

A woman with a cat totem is very attractive to members of the opposite sex. She always remains a girl - light, desirable, bright and pure. The man sees strong sexual and partner potential in her.

A woman with a cat totem is comfortable in relationships, but she will not allow anyone to offend her - she knows how to release her claws in time.

These women have a very strongly developed maternal instinct. They strive to have a large family and love spending time with children. Such a woman is the most caring mother; she has the ability to properly raise her child and instill the necessary skills in him.

Totem cat for men

For men the meaning is different. Young men with a cat totem are highly active. They are inquisitive, active and love adventure. They easily find common language with others, including representatives of the opposite sex.

As soon as such a man starts a dialogue, the girl instantly becomes interested in him. He often has several love affairs at once, while he has very few male friends.

When in company, this man is always the center of attention. He is not shy about showing his cheerful, sometimes mischievous, disposition. With age, activity decreases. There is a desire to start a family and calm down. At the same time, such a man remains polygamous forever, and is not against new acquaintances and affairs, even while legally married.

Effect of the cat talisman

The cat mascot is one of the most suitable for the home. It will not only improve the overall atmosphere, but also preserve the family hearth. A small, neat decorative amulet in the shape of a cat will add coziness and make the atmosphere in the room warmer. In a word, a cat is a symbol of harmony.

Such a talisman will give its owner great mood and self-confidence, improve physical condition and calm him down in a difficult situation.

With its help, a person will be able to develop oratorical abilities, become more restrained, learn to be observant, and begin to attract people to himself, and, accordingly, useful acquaintances.

For women who usually sacrifice themselves, put themselves in second place and generally do not know how to love themselves, a cat amulet will be a wonderful “reminder”. After all, this animal, better than all the others, knows how to do well, first of all, for itself and at the same time can be useful to others.

The wild cat is a symbol of love of freedom, unwillingness to limit oneself by rules, the desire to move at the call of nature. In addition, this same amulet gives its owner the ability to self-heal when a person knows how to use his own reserves.

The cat is a multifaceted symbol; this is purity, protection, independence, and inner strength. Such a talisman can give its owner a truly valuable gift; the main thing is to clearly understand what exactly you need at this stage of life.

Sergii Haranenko

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