Alpinist Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a mountaineer in a dream? According to the American dreambook, dreaming about an alpinist climbing up the mountain represents personal growth in business or goals achievement.

Climbing up the mountain in a dream can be associated with sexual arousal.

A dream of going down the mountain is a symbol of state opposite to climbing up of the alpinist. A mountain climber going down in a dream may symbolize the research of your subconscious.

According to the Combined dreambook, seeing an alpinist on the top of the mountain in a dream means finishing some endeavor and receiving a worthy reward for your work.

Being in the company of mountain climbers in a dream predicts interesting leisure in the company of people you don’t know very well.

Dreaming of wearing climbing equipment indicates the need to put a lot of efforts and apply knowledge in order to master new profession.

Dream of watching alpinists on the mountain is a sign of coming problems in relations with your friends and people close to you.

According to the Dreambook of the 21st century, seeing yourself as a mountain climber in a dream is a sign that you will be able to start new business that will let you implement your talents and abilities in a new way.

Climbing up the mountain or high hill and getting to the top in a dream forebodes your being able to overcome all the obstacles on your way.

If you didn’t manage to get to the top, this is a symbol that your hopes were in vain and you may be disappointed soon.

If you dream of a mountaineer breaking off the mountain and falling into abyss, this is a warning that you should beware of fake friends. Some troubles await you. Someone close to you may be accused of treason or cheating. You should not believe empty accusations since they can ruin your personal life.

If you were an alpinist in a dream, this may mean that you will want to implement an absolutely crazy idea.

Falling from cliff in a dream may be precursor of danger or financial crisis.

According to Longo’s dreambook, climbing any height not associated with danger in a dream is a symbol that you like to make responsible decisions especially if there is some risk in them.

If you dreamed that the climbing process was too difficult and dangerous, this is a sign that people close to you will bring you some unpleasant surprise that will sadden you for a long time.

If you saw someone close to you as an alpinist in your dream, this person will surprise you in a pleasant way. A period of new beginnings will start and this person will try to help you.

Cliffs and gorges in high mountains in a dream are a sign of bad life strip; there will be misunderstandings and quarrels, scandals and illness.

Climbing ice-covered cliffs and breaking off is a symbol that people in your surrounding do not justify your hopes.

Losing strength half-way to your goal in a dream means you will receive what you strive for and get disappointed in it.

Climbing mountains with your relatives in a dream predicts a successful life period.

The Male dreambook gives the following interpretation of alpinism in dreams. If you saw climbers on the mountain, complications await you in your relationship with your spouse or beloved woman. Climbers on top of a mountain - mean you can complete a business started long ago and receive a reward. If a climber falls off the mountain and flies into the abyss, beware of pseudo-friends. You are in big trouble. Perhaps your loved one, friend or spouse will be accused of treason. Do not believe unfounded accusations, they can destroy your privacy. Seeing yourself as a climber means striving for the realization of a completely crazy idea.

If you see yourself in climbing equipment in a dream, you will have to change jobs and show all your abilities to master a new kind of activity. Climbing a mountain portends career growth. Standing on top of a mountain - you are likely to achieve a long-awaited promotion. Your fall off a cliff portends danger and the possibility of a financial crisis. You can be fired from your job on the slander of rivals and ill-wishers, and your lady will accuse you of infidelity, perhaps not unreasonably.

Sergii Haranenko
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