Danger Dream Meaning

Catastrophe, dangerous situation, life threatening, pursuit of wild animals or terrible creatures. All this causes great concern among dreamers. However, the danger in a dream is not always transferred to real life. Often such dreams have the exact opposite meaning. The dream books and your own intuition will help you figure it out.

Danger in a dream is most often interpreted as a favorable sign. For example, to see yourself as a participant in dangerous events means an opportunity to gain great fame, deserved respect and honor.

In general, if you dreamed of mortal threat, the dream book of Medea advises you to relax. Fate and guardian angels are on your side. However, in the interpretation of such dreams, there is one thing, but a very big one .... You will certainly be lucky, but only if you can avoid danger in a dream.

In a dream, did the enemies attack you and you have to repel their numerous attacks? Probably in reality you will find yourself in a similar situation. And the outcome of this struggle depends on whether you were able to defeat the enemies or to escape in another way.

If you could not avoid injury or even death in a dream - in reality you will expect major financial losses, especially in business. If you dreamed that you deliberately took the risk and at the same time easily ran away from the enemies, this means the business you started will turn into an incredible triumph.

But for lovers, such dreams have a different meaning. If a girl dreamed that her lover was in danger, a big scandal is expected.

But what to do if there was mortal danger in your dream? There is only one answer - to flee from it by any means. Of course, it sounds rather strange how you can do this when little depends on the dreamer.

However, our subconscious mind is awake while we sleep, which means that it can very well cope with the situation. It is enough to pre-configure yourself that in a certain case you should definitely run away and this will happen every time, as if by magic.

Are there any other interpretations of dreams about danger? Of course, Tsvetkov’s dream book believes that these are internal conflicts of the sleeper.

If you are engaged in the search for truth, if you are constantly conducting an internal dialogue, trying to understand yourself and the world’s structure, then in a dream you will regularly face dangerous events. It is important to run away from them every time and then in reality one day you will resolve your conflicts.

It is a completely different matter when it is not possible to see the real danger. Sometimes a dream may occur in which in general there is no threat. And only gloomy colors, thickening twilight and silence allow you to fully feel the whole horror of a dream.

Miller's dream book advises to interpret such a dream on the basis of your own feelings. If at the moment of awakening you still feel danger, then this was a clear warning about something bad.

If you had to feel an invisible threat, but managed to escape from it, then in the real world everything will be fine and there is no reason for concern.

Sergii Haranenko
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