Apocalypse Dream Meaning

To see apocalypse, cataclysms, to escape from the earthquake in a dream predicts an active social life, cultural and spiritual growth of the dreamer. If the end of the world was in a dream, do not start to grieve - what you see most likely means a rapid development of events in reality. The old dream books, explaining what dreams of postapocalypse mean, advise to pay attention to the emotions that accompanied you in a dream.

Psychologists say there is no need to be alarmed if you dreamed of disasters and cataclysms. The plot often means a series of high-profile and extraordinary events in reality, which will allow you to enter a new round of relations with your loved one. To see a post-apocalypse in a dream is even better - wait for the renewal of feelings, positive changes.

    To find out what the doomsday dreams or the apocalypse mean, Miller's dream book recommends considering in detail all the nuances and subtleties:
  • Horseman approaching with news of Armageddon – creative rise;
  • Meteorite fall, flood, earthquake – showdown with partners;
  • Postapocalypse – inner purification, spiritual growth;
  • Zombie apocalypse – mutual misunderstandings with colleagues or relatives.

To see a rider galloping on the deserted land after the apocalypse, cataclysms predicts ingenuity, resourcefulness in difficult situations. Often such a vision symbolizes poetic, musical rise. All creative projects will go up dramatically if you dreamed that you yourself were a rider.

What do horsemen, knights in armor on the background of destroyed buildings after a catastrophe, an apocalypse mean? Tsvetkov's dream book reduces the interpretation to a complete victory over competitors in business and sports. In addition, you will be able to surpass all candidates in the elections, to occupy the most advantageous place under the sun.

To see yourself as a zombie during an apocalypse in a dream - to problems in relationships with loved ones, relatives. It is especially bad if you dreamed that you could not control yourself, only blindly obeyed the will of others. Know that you have received a direct warning about the loss of confidence on the part of colleagues, superiors, relatives.

Zombies seen in a dream often indicate lack of common interests with a sex partner, close people, frequent misunderstandings, conflicts over trifles.

To see a clean and deserted land after the apocalypse in a dream - to enhance the spiritual qualities of the dreamer.

What does an asteriod symbolize in a dream? Watching an asteroid in a dream - means excellent prospects and success await you. If in a dream you saw that you got on an asteroid, you will successfully complete a risky business. The dream in which you observe the light emanating from the asteroid portends that all your plans will not come true, do not waste effort on them.

Sergii Haranenko
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