Architect Dream Meaning

What is the architect's dream meaning and symbolism? Seeing an architect who draws a project for a house in a dream may be a sign of buying a new home or cottage.

Watching an architect draw a project also means a collapse of your plans. And your friend will be the one who ruins the plans.

Being an architect in a dream means an unexpected situation that requires significant material costs.

According to the Dreambook of the 21st century, seeing an architect at work means a good change in commercial activity.

According to the Esoteric dreambook, being an architect in a dream is a sign that you will be at the origins, and perhaps become the founder of some society. If the future structure resembles a temple or a high-rise building, this means there it will be a secret society, an occult teaching.

According to the Family dreambook, if in a dream you met an architect, this means you will soon receive news that will bring you a lot of trouble and excitement. If in a dream you are discussing a project with him, in reality you will face unexpected problems related to the implementation of your enterprise. If your discussion in a dream goes smoothly, this means you will be able to successfully cope with problems and carry out your plans. If you do not come to a consensus with the architect in a dream, then your project will fail due to disagreements among partners.

If in a dream you never agree to anything and give up on the project or reject it, this is a sign that your deal will not come true for reasons that do not depend on you. The dream in which you become an architect yourself is a sign of receiving news from which you will find out that your business partners are deceiving you.

A dream in which an architect convinces you to decide to build a house is a sign that they will try to lure you into a trap. Such a dream is an obstacle to marriage for an unmarried woman.

To dream of architects arguing furiously and defending their projects, trying to prove their advantages, predicts a quarrel in a commercial sphere.

Sergii Haranenko
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