Bloody Tears Dream Meaning

An image of bloody tears is not a very positive sign in a dream. Usually it is warning about different kinds of troubles connected with relatives or people very close to you. Seeing blood instead of tears is a sign that you need to figure out your issues and solve the problems as soon as possible because otherwise bad luck will be fatal for you. Blood in a dream is associated with life energy, relative connections or conflicts; tears can be both a symbol of happiness or troubles. That is why this dream interpretation should be based on your own emotions. The worse you felt in a dream, the more problems you will have in real life. If you didn’t feel discomfort in your dream, you will seek solitude to think about your life and feelings.

If you felt remorse and repented what you did and felt sticky tears on your face, this dream plot means you will be forgiven. If tears were caused by bad news, you should be ready for illness or disappointment. If you started crying because of onion in your dream, you will show weak will and will get into big trouble. Your own bloody tears predict a difficult situation or remorse. Besides that you may have unexpected relatives as your guests and they will make a scandal.

Crying bloody tears can be a symbol of overstress that can lead to big mistakes. If you were wiping these tears you will have consolation and calmness in real life. If you see someone else’s tears of blood, this dream is an indication that you do not care about pain and feelings of other people. If you saw someone else’s sobs this means you feel guilt before someone. This can sometimes mean that your bad mood of behavior will influence someone’s welfare.

    If you remember who was crying bloody tears in your dream, you can have better interpretation:
  • mother’s tears – orphanage, solitude, trials;
  • your beloved woman’s/wife’s – parting;
  • your beloved man’s/husband’s – scandal with reconciliation;
  • child’s – bad troubles and chores;
  • baby’s – sad news;
  • tears of unknown person – upsets, problems, quarrels;
  • of someone who is already dead – mistakes, loss, bad luck.

If the members of your family were having bloody tears, be prepared for parting forever or very sad events. If a young woman sees such plot, she will have a great scandal with her man. Reconciliation will be possible only at the cost of some sacrifice. Any dream including the image of bloody tears recommends to postpone risking and cardinal changes.

Sergii Haranenko
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