Black Blood Dream Meaning

To see black blood in a dream predicts manifestation of strong emotions in reality. Dreaming means a powerful energy surge. The potential of a person will increase dramatically, almost all unrealized plans will be fulfilled.

Psychologists recommend to pay attention to your own emotions in a dream. Most often, the dream about black blood has a positive interpretation, if blood did not cause discomfort and had no smell.

    But if you dream of black blood which scares you with its look, it is worth considering in detail:
  • During menstruation – misunderstandings with partner;
  • Black blood on your arms and fingers – committing rash acts;
  • Blood running out of a wound – complete recovery;
  • Black blood on your clothes – unexpected changes;
  • From a tooth – meeting with distant relatives.

Great excitement and anxiety await girls, women who dreamed of dark color menstrual blood. The dream promises quarrels with partners, misunderstanding about sex, scandals and worries about adultery. If you happened to experience pain, be prepared to break the relationship.

Seeing dull periods in others - to falling into an awkward situation in reality. The feeling of shame for your actions, remorse of conscience is exactly what black blood, to which you reacted with a bit of contempt and disgust, in dreams means.

The blood flowing from an abrasion or a wound in a dream symbolizes cleansing of the body from ailments. It is especially good if you dreamed that you did not feel pain. The interpretation of a dream in Vanga’s dream book is reduced to a powerful energy influence from the outside. Most likely, you will be examined by a qualified doctor or a famous healer, who will give an impetus to recovery.

The drops of black blood dripping on clothes, on the body, will definitely bring changes for the better. Adventure and travel await those who dreamed of pajamas, shirt, other clothes stained with blood. And the change of climate, in turn, will definitely bring an improvement in mood and spirit.

Transparent, but dark ichor means that you are very careless about your business and risk losing some of the profits. Seeing yourself bleeding black in a dream — for retribution that will catch up with you decades later. Remember your old mistakes and try to correct them at all costs.

Nostradamus also gives his interpretation of dreams about black blood. He warns about the beginning of the test phase, litigation, conflicts with relatives. Alarming events may not happen, but you will be worried, and sick with your soul for a long time.

Sergii Haranenko
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