Buying Eggs Dream Meaning

Buying eggs in a dream; seeing a nest or chicken - to unplanned household chores. In addition, a dream means profit, if you dreamed about especially big eggs. Folk dream books, describing what such a purchase is dreaming of, recommend paying attention to the freshness of the product, its look.

Miller also recommends remembering the details of the plot. A dream about chicken eggs predicts ado, scandals at home, quarrels out of nothing. All other dreams about duck, geese or turkey eggs symbolize pregnancy for women and profit for men.

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    As for the details, Miller gives the following interpretations:
  • Broken eggs on the store floor – failed dreams, painful relations breaking;
  • Chicken hatched in the shop – family increase, pregnancy;
  • Putting the eggs into your bag or hiding them – profitable investments;
  • Feeling rotten smell – moral and physical fatigue.

Buying eggs in a dream, especially chicken ones, is a cause for concern. If you dreamed that they were small, get ready for the hustle and bustle of domestic chores that never end. Dreaming means the arrival of guests with young children, the hassle of repairing household appliances.

Dream interpretation of Tsvetkov reduces the dream meaning to empty pursuits that do not benefit either the dreamer or those around him. Nevertheless, explaining why such a purchase is dreamed of, the psychologist recalls a number of folk sayings testifying to the sacredness of the symbol.

Buying eggs in a dream and seeing them broken right there means a complete collapse of illusions. It turns out that if you dreamed that you had dropped a fragile egg you just bought, you should get ready for a family showdown for nothing. Sometimes they turn into major scandals and end with a break in relations.

Vanga’s dream interpretation warns of the presence of a disease if the tray with eggs had rotten, unpleasant odor. The healer recommends taking care of your own health, pay attention to the well-being of parents and children immediately.

However, the dream book of Nostradamus promises longevity, endless fame and popularity to everyone who has happened to pay a considerable price for eggs in a dream.

If chicken eggs testifies to the wastefulness of the buyer, his absurd character and desire to lead others, then duck and goose one’s talk about the readiness of the male dreamer to become the head of the family. Women, in turn, can enjoy an unplanned pregnancy and experience the full happiness of motherhood, Nostradamus states.

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Sergii Haranenko
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