Nest Dream Meaning

The main interpretation of an image of a nest in a dream is that it represents a family circle. As usual, the details of the dream can give the plot quite different interpretation. All of us remember the advice we heard from our parents not to touch a nest if we found one. That is why the welfare of the nest and birds is projected on the dreamer’s family. One of the most popular interpretations of a birds’ nest is a symbol of home comfort, prediction of happiness, getting married for single people. But if the nest was broken, especially with your own hands, the interpretation is changed to the opposite.

Seeing a nest with birds in a dream can also be a proof that you have chosen the right profession and will succeed in it. It is obvious that the dreamer is full of new plans and ideas that will be presented to public when they are completely ready. The dream can also mean that the dreamer wants to spend some time alone; but it is important to pay attention and time to your family as well.

A dream when you see birds making a nest reflects your own concerns about your dwelling. Now is the best time to make the refurbishment, buy new furniture or decorate your place. According to Nostradamus, such dream predicts appearance for a powerful state that will defend peace on planet.

Vanga considers that if birds made a nest at your window in a dream, this means that your family and you are now taken under protection. A stork nest at the roof brings financial stability and family happiness. A cuckoo nest is a negative sign indicating treachery and disloyalty of someone close to you whom you trusted.

If men see eggs in a nest, this is a positive sign promising success in business and richness. Women seeing such dream can be waiting for an unexpected finding or long-awaited purchase; unmarried people should be expecting getting married soon. Any dreamer can be waiting for a sudden inheritance from a distant relative. One of the interpretations of eggs in a nest seen in a dream has negative coloring – it predicts quarrels and misunderstandings.

Chicken eggs in a nest are a symbol of great profit. If a rooster laid an egg in a nest in your dream, this is a very doubtful symbol: the business in which a person is engaged is indecent, the profit obtained is illegal. It may win in gambling or win a bet, but this easy money will not bring you any profit.

If the nest and eggs were broken, this is a negative symbol bringing sorrows and troubles. Breaking it with your own hands in a dream means ruining your welfare in real life. A person should be ready for a break in relations with friends and relatives and the breakup of his own family.

The most popular interpretation of a nest with nestlings is foreshadowing of having a baby. If this plot is seen by very young and unmarried people, this image represents their wishes coming true and fulfilling of their plans and ideas in different spheres. If you see a dream about a nestling falling out of the nest, this is a reflection of your worries about your own children and their wellbeing. This can also show your worries and anxiety about some important project.

A swallow nest is especially a favorable sign for women: they can be expecting pleasant life changes and childbirth. A swallow nest is also a symbol of your household; it can predict your family moving to your own apartment or changing it to a better equipped one.

A stork in the nest predicts guests’ arrival. A dove in the nest in your dream will bring you long-awaited peace. A dove with small nestling means your children will stop behaving badly and making you sad. A crows’ nest seen in a dream doesn’t bring anything positive in the dreamer’s life: it predicts illness both for people and cattle.

A wasp nest seen is dream is a symbol of danger and a sign or concentration of negative powers. You should beware of betrayal and should trust people less. The situation will be changing for the better if you managed to ruin their dwelling in a dream. A snake or crocodile nest is also an unfavorable sign. It predicts a lot of troubles and worries and is warning you against a cunning man in your close surrounding. Spiders’ nests are a symbol of fertility and they predict getting pregnant soon. This image means that his efforts will bring great result, if seen by a man.

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Rats’ nest in a dream is a symbol that warns you about a number of problems that will keep growing and seem unsolved. The only way to change the situation is not postponing the decisions and solving the problems right away. A dream about a mouse nest gives you a reason to think of your personal life. The dreambooks predict new relations that will bring happiness to your life.

Sergii Haranenko
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