Red Flower Dream Meaning

A red flower seen in a dream promises “inflammation” of relations, an increase in vitality, and an increase in the dreamer's activity.

According to the dream book of American psychologist Gustav Miller, to see a red flower in a dream is a symbol of great surprise. Moreover, the larger the bud and the brighter the color is in a dream, the stronger will be the surprise in reality.

If you dreamed that you picked a bright red flower growing in a field or in a flower bed, this means that you are not averse to "participate" in the conflict. You will not be its instigator, but you cannot refrain from participating.

Freud's dream book speaks of increasing passion in the “family alliance”, explaining what a red flower in a pot means in a dream.

Such a dream prophesies for a young couple the strengthening of a love union, the transition to a new level (sex will enter into a relationship). This interpretation of a dream is especially relevant if you see how your beloved one gives you a large number of red roses, each of which grows in a pot.

Did you dream that you gave your boss dark red geranium in a pot as a gift? This vision means your desire to get promoted or to gain recognition of your management, pastor Loff's dream book tells.

Are you interested in why a big red flower is attached to clothes or a hairstyle in your dream? The Italian dream book has many interesting interpretations. So, for example, to see in a dream a big fiery red flower in the hair is a symbol of enhancing impressionability. You will take any event too close, even a trifle, giving it great importance.

Did you dream that you had a boutonniere pinned to your clothes to match the flower in your hair? This means your irrepressible energy can lead you to nervous excitement.

A dream in which something bad happens to the flower warns of the need to avoid conflict situations. You see in a dream that the bud wilted – this means quarrel with someone because of nothing. Did the red flower get dry in your dream right in front of your eyes? Someone close will disappoint you with their actions or statements.

Are you interested in what a frozen flower dreams about? According to the Eastern Dream Book, this is a sign of fading trust and friendship. It is possible that relations with one of your friends have exhausted themselves, so you better stop being friends with him so as not to turn from friends into enemies.

An artificial bouquet of red flower buttercups predicts insincerity and falsehood, which will complicate your life with its shameless manifestation.

    When deciphering what a red flower prophecies, you should remember what exactly you dreamed about, interpreters advise. So you saw:
  • a red rose - sympathy will grow into love very soon;
  • red carnation - you will be able to increase your authority in the eyes of others;
  • red tulip - to the emergence of a new attachment, bonds;
  • red poppy - a feeling of compassion will awaken in you;
  • red dahlia - arrogance will serve you poorly.
Sergii Haranenko
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