Buying Sweets Dream Meaning

What does buying candies and chocolates means in dreams? Such a dream predicts coming profit and/or victory over enemy. Besides that, buying sweets in a dream is a sign of acquaintance with an influential person who will become your good friend in future.

Buying sweets in a dream might symbolize a desire for indulgence or the need for gratification. It could be a reflection of your wish to reward yourself or experience pleasure in some aspect of your life.

Candies and chocolates are often associated with comfort and indulgence. Dreaming of buying them might suggest a need for self-care, relaxation, or finding joy in simple pleasures.

Purchasing sweets in a dream may be linked to feelings of celebration and joy. It could signify a happy occasion, a sense of accomplishment, or a desire to mark a positive event in your life.

Dreams about buying candies and chocolates might simply reflect a craving for sweetness. It could be a metaphor for seeking more joy, positivity, or sweetness in your waking life.

Dreaming of buying candies might symbolize a desire for emotional fulfillment, happiness, or the pursuit of things that bring you joy.

Candies and chocolates are common treats associated with childhood. Dreaming of buying them might tap into feelings of nostalgia or a desire to reconnect with simpler, more carefree times.

Dreaming of buying sweets might be a subconscious way of compensating for something you feel is lacking in your life. It could represent a search for sweetness or fulfillment in response to unmet needs.

If you're buying sweets to share with others in the dream, it may symbolize a desire for generosity, social connections, or creating positive experiences for those around you.

Buying sweets in a store may represent advancement on the career ladder or an increase in salary; at the market – means a fun time.

Buying and eating candies means a passionate romance. Buying a box of chocolates and giving it to the children is a sign of good mood.

According to Miller’s dream book, dreaming of buying candy and treating your parents to it means meeting a good person.

What kind of sweets did you buy in a dream?

  • expensive sweets - interesting news from friends;
  • marmalade candies - the beginning of a favorable period;
  • buying beautiful candies - a romantic adventure;
  • buying different sweets - predicts an interesting event;
  • sucking sweets - difficulties in your personal life;
  • buying chocolate candies - means participation in a special event;
  • buying wrapped sweets - a cooling of feelings for a partner;
  • tasteless sweets - leads to food poisoning;
  • buying toffees - predicts a pleasant trip;
  • caramel sweets - pointless spending;
  • buying lollipops - warns of conflicts at work.

Top-5 negative dreams about buying sweets

  • Buying candy and seeing that it is covered with mold is a sign of meanness on the part of ill-wishers.
  • Buying expired sweets means taking an unjustified risk.
  • If you bought bitter sweets in a dream, this means a sad event.
  • Buying a lot of sweets and selling them on the market means mistakes at work and dismissal.
  • Buying candies and treating friends means quarreling with them.

Top-5 positive buying candy dream meanings

  • Dreaming of buying candy from a loved one signifies the patronage of an influential person.
  • Buying truffles as a gift means a chance to change your life for the better.
  • Buying caramel candies and chocolate for your child is a sign of promotion.
  • If you bought a large bag of lollipops, this promises good luck and fortune.
  • Buying candy for a wedding is a sign of new bright impressions.
Sergii Haranenko
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