Carpet Dream Meaning

Traditionally the carpet in the room creates an atmosphere of comfort and prestige. In a dream a carpet is also a harbinger of wealth and prosperity, it is these meanings that are most often found in the dream book. The details of the dream help more accurately interpret what this interior item means in a dream.

The symbol of a carpet has many allegorical interpretations. For example, the red carpet represents glory and honor. Esoterics emphasize all kinds of manipulations in their interpretations. Particular meaning is attached to the manufacturing process and keeping the carpet clean. This symbol reflects the current worldview and helps predict future events.

Miller’s dreambook is encouraging that if you dream about a carpet, this means you can rely on your influential friends and count on their support, especially when it comes to financial matters.

Other interpreters offer their predictions about what the rug in a dream is about. The Islamic dream book considers this symbol from the point of view of trade in carpet products. A purchase of a carpet means good fortune, and a sale is a sign of pleasant and useful pastime, such as a trip or a cultural event.

The carpet on the floor, on which it is so pleasant to walk barefoot, symbolizes the desire for luxury and comfort, which can not be satisfied. At the same time, the dream book also notes the ability to be content with little, the ability to enjoy simple joys.

If the carpet hanging on the wall is clearly remembered in a dream, this image means that in the near future you will be provided with prosperity and family happiness. An unusual pattern once again confirms the meaning of the interpretation. Images on it can be interpreted literally.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus will tell you what a rolled carpet path means in a dream. Someone is trying to hide the true state of affairs from you, perhaps for selfish purposes.

Green has long been a symbol of calm and hope. If you dreamed of a green rug, you should not worry about anything: your financial situation is stable, your friends are reliable, the soulmate is faithful to you.

What a red carpet represents in dreams, its cheerful coloring will tell. The red color, especially complemented by a colorful pattern, symbolizes a passion that will not pass by even those who have lived together for many years.

If you dreamed of a plain, monochromatic and even white rug, the dream reflects the emptiness that reigns in your reality. Unfortunately, in the foreseeable future there is nothing to fill it out. Look for novelty around and within yourself or be patient until better times.

Mankind has long been interested in what a magic carpet symbolizes in dreams. This magical symbol has many interpretations. The most common of them says that the sleeper is simply tired of the gray routine and longs for a little fairy tale, or at least adventure.

Often a flying carpet seen in a dream is a harbinger of an unexpected trip, travel. If you dreamed of such an unusual means of transportation, the dream book believes that this is a good sign, a chance to briefly change the atmosphere.

Often, the covering under your feet in a dream reflects your true attitude to the surrounding reality. If you had a dream about dirty carpet, the dream book suggests that you really are not at ease.

When one happens to clean the carpet in a dream, the interpretation warns that in reality there will be some monotonous work.

If you dreamed that you had to sweep the floor covering with a broom, the dream book mentions one circumstance that you carefully hide. And rightly so: this fact is not in favor of your reputation.

A dusty rug seen in a dream indicates that you are tired of keeping someone else's secret, not being able to intervene in the course of events. Unfortunately, for now, everything will remain as it is.

If in a dream you happened to vacuum the rug or carpet, the dream book portends an important mission: to become an intermediary in the dispute of two people, each of whom is dear to you in his own way.

When you have to manually shake the dust off the rug in a dream, it's time to do real estate operations. It is possible that right now you will be able to open your own business in this industry.

Vanga’s dream interpretation is less optimistic. According to the interpretation, everything related to knocking dust out of the carpet in a dream is somehow connected with the past. One of the old almost forgotten stories will remind of itself, not the fact that these will be pleasant memories.

The Wanderer Dream Interpretation believes that washing carpets in a dream most often happens to those who are forced to hide something in reality. The image is inspired by the habit of controlling the situation and not losing vigilance.

If you happen to wash rugs, a dream symbolizes your confidence in your own rightness. You are ready to take responsibility for making a collective decision. The dream book with a high degree of probability believes that it will be true.

The Gypsy dream book offers a very interesting interpretation of what a wet carpet means in a dream. If, under the influence of moisture on the carpet, a pattern appears, the dreamer will have to solve the family secret.

If a clean carpet appeared in a dream, what he saw in a dream indicates your pacified state, confidence in tomorrow, peace of mind.

According to Nostradamus, a new carpet in a dream is a harbinger of a joyful event, a family holiday.

If buying a carpet was the most memorable moment of the dream, it means that happy changes will come in your family. The image seen in a dream promises an unexpected, but very pleasant gift of fate.

In the modern interpretation, the explanation of why a beautiful carpet appears in a dream is the following: the dreamer's family will be able to improve housing conditions in the near future.

If you were presented with any carpet in a dream, soon expect the visit of honored guests. The meeting will be held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, you will make a pleasant impression on the guests.

If the old carpet appeared in a dream, this means you should be more thrifty. Industrial relations are now extremely unstable. Conflict with a superior person can negatively affect your financial situation.

When in a dream one happens to hang carpets on the walls, you can safely go shopping. Whatever you buy at the moment, it will be very handy, and the prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Esotericists argue that weaving a carpet in a dream is a very grateful occupation, which in reality will receive a lively response. The new hobby of the sleeper will be surprisingly promising and profitable.

Sergii Haranenko
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