Cloth Dream Meaning

The fabric seen in a dream symbolizes the quality, implementation and orientation of the future stage in life. What the canvas means in a dream is interpreted by dream books based on the type, quality and purpose of the material.

According to the dream book of the Wanderer, to see the tissue in a dream is interpreted for a man depending on the type and color, and reveals the essence of the future situation; for a young lady such a dream predicts a boyfriend.

If you could not determine the type of fabric in a dream - beware of slanderers and try not to reveal too much information about your personal life.

Medea's dream book describes the interpretation of textile in a dream. According to the interpreter, the dream about material reflects the quality of life of a sleeping person, and the patterns that are drawn or woven on it symbolize his worries.

So, satin cloth in a dream promises the acquisition of new things, profit. Seeing the satin in rolls in a dream predicts a bright and wide road.

Dreaming of silk, a marquise signifies a romantic adventure; cloth and wool speak of financial stability, business connections; guipure canvas in a dream hints that, contrary to all the manipulations, the dreamer will not be able to hide anything from his friends and relatives. Cotton material in a dream is a harbinger of imminent separation and bitter tears.

If you happened to buy too little fabric, it is considered a warning that haste can interfere with successful business, frustrate a bargain. If you dreamed of a lot of fabric – this image is a sign of troubles. To dream about a long tissue cut - to a forced delay, a pause in business.

Clean, beautiful and new fabric embodies positive thoughts, a well-planned future and the right steps to achieve your goals.

Looking at a dirty, ragged canvas represents obstacles, failures in the matter important for the dreamer. Wet cloth represents separation, a difficult and sad road. The old textile is a warning that hopes for an easy and secure future are still groundless.

Miller's Dream Interpretation describes the interpretation of inelastic, dense fabric. Such a dream promises manifestation of stamina and endurance in the fight against ill-wishers, who try to bring trouble to the dreamer at every opportunity.

If you dreamed that you happened to buy white or light fabric, according to the Small Veles dream book, positive changes in life, successful travels were coming. Dark ( black,gray, brown) material in a dream predicts heavy thoughts, depression.

According to the decoding of Ivanov’s latest dream book, black fabric denotes mourning; white cloth - news that will console and inspire; green textile - financial profit, business success; blue material - alienation, self-pity, headache; red fabric - a romantic date; yellow cloth - treason, deceit; multicolor cloth - a saturated period in life in which several amazing events will occur.

To choose black fabric for a dress, according to the Newest Dream Book, indicates a depressed state of a sleeping person, red one - a state of love, unrestrained passion, white cloth –is about spiritual development, self-knowledge.

Dreams of buying fabric in rolls portend travel, enjoyment and pleasure. To buy a piece of tissue means to show persistence in upholding one's own right and opinion.

To spread the fabric – is a symbol of traveling, a coming letter, some news from afar. Cutting it into pieces - breaking friendship, business ties. Tailoring the cloth in a dream - redraw plans, change priorities. Measuring - the need to think through you actions carefully.

Sergii Haranenko
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