Cutting Wrists Dream Meaning

Slitting veins dream meaning

What does slitting one’s wrists mean in dreams? Slashing one’s veins in a dream predicts a long period of rehabilitation after a difficult disease. If you dream that you lose consciousness cutting your wrists, this is a sign predicting luck in your endeavors.

A dream about opening the veins on your wrists also means a long separation from your loved one.

Self-harm with a blade is a sign of danger to the life of the dreamer and his loved ones; doing it with a knife – may be a warning of food poisoning.

Cutting veins in a dream may be a precursor of illness and/or the need to care for an elderly family member.

A dream in which you cut your veins, but there was almost no blood, portends troubles in your personal life.

According to Gustav Miller, cutting veins can speak of a long period of troubles and misfortunes.

    Who was cutting their wrists in a dream?
  • friend - a temporary truce with an ill-wisher;
  • mother - an unpleasant conversation with her;
  • husband - a holiday romance;
  • man - hard physical labor;
  • girlfriend - breaking off friendly relations with her;
  • a stranger - new useful acquaintances.

Top-5 negative dreams of slitting one’s wrists

  • Dreaming of cutting your veins with a dull knife means a serious illness.
  • Slitting your wrists with a sword - there is a risk of injury.
  • Cutting them while lying in the bath means dismissal.
  • Cutting your veins in your legs is a sign of bad news.
  • And seeing blood gushing out of a cut means an unpleasant conversation with your parents.

Top-5 positive cutting veins dream meanings

  • Dreaming of opening your veins and seeing that there are no traces is a sign of receiving good news.
  • Cutting your wrists and watching the venous blood flow means winning the argument.
  • Cutting a vein with a shard is a sign of great joy.
  • Slitting wrists and donating blood means getting rid of ill-wishers.
  • Opening a swollen vein on the arm means help from an influential person.

Self-harm dream symbolism

Dreaming about cutting wrists may symbolize emotional pain, inner turmoil, or distress that you are experiencing in your waking life. It could be a reflection of unresolved emotions or difficult situations that are affecting you deeply.

Cutting in dreams might also represent a subconscious attempt to release or cope with overwhelming emotions. It could be a symbolic way for your mind to process and deal with feelings that are difficult to express openly.

The act of cutting in a dream might be a metaphor for a desire to alleviate emotional pain or stress. It could indicate a need for relief or a yearning for a solution to challenging circumstances.

Dreaming about self-harm could be a symbolic expression of a desire for attention, support, or understanding from others. It may be a reflection of a need to communicate your struggles to those around you.

Dreams of self-harm can sometimes be linked to fear or anxiety about the future, a specific situation, or a perceived lack of control. It may indicate worries about the direction your life is taking.

Dreams can serve as a platform for exploring dark or hidden emotions that you may be reluctant to confront in waking life. It's crucial to acknowledge and address these emotions in a healthy and constructive way.

Sergii Haranenko
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