Blade Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you see a blade in a dream? The dream interpretation considers the blade to be a disturbing sign. This object in a dream can be a harbinger of both negative and significant incidents. In any case, it is unreasonable to ignore what you see in your dream.

Dream Interpretation by Longo considers the razor's edge to be a dangerous symbol, a harbinger of a quarrel or psychological trauma. Often, the image reflects the dreamer's unfavorable state - anxiety, stress, external pressure.

When in a dream you happen to break a razor accidentally, the dream interpreter sees a sign as opportunity to change the field of activity to a more promising one in this.

Multiple razor blades mean you can show off your wits at a party or in a group of friends.

When in night dreams someone happens to threaten the enemy with a knife, in reality bad mood can come over. Be vigilant if you were threatened in the night plot.

The dreamed edge of a knife promises disagreements with partners, which is clearly not good for the common endeavor.

If you dreamed about a knife blade, the interpretation claims that now there is particularly high probability of family quarrels.

If you happened to see non-standard blades in a dream, this means a journey to unknown lands or in an unusual way is foreseen. The trip will make a lasting impression.

If you are lucky enough to see a shaving kit in a souvenir package in a dream, this is a sign that you will not have to worry about money in the near future - your financial situation will be extremely stable. It is highly likely you will receive an invitation to a festive event.

The Esoteric dream book explains why you dream that you managed to cut yourself with a metal blade. A dream portends separation from those who are dear to you.

Interpreting why one dreams of cutting himself with a blade, the Wanderer's dream book is more optimistic. According to its interpretation, this just means an unpleasant surprise in business.

If you dreamed of a bleeding cut caused by a razor, the interpreter sees in such a plot the general tension of the situation. Nervous tension can provoke conflict or trauma. This should be remembered in reality and you should try avoiding sharp corners.

If you dreamed of how others cut with a blade, what you saw in a dream speaks of the dreamer's altruism, sometimes not knowing reasonable limits. A laudable desire to help another person threatens to turn into an unbearable burden. It often turns out that the help was not very much needed.

It is interesting to know what the dream is about, how they cut something with a blunt, rusty or broken blade in your presence. The dream warns against invasions of privacy. The consequences of tactless behavior will upset everyone, it is better to prevent the incident in advance.

Eating a blade in a dream happens to those who tend to try to hide the problem in reality. At the same time, the person sincerely hopes that it will somehow be resolved by itself, if you do not talk about it.

This is not the only explanation for the dream of trying to hide the blade in your mouth. The dream interpretation believes that there will be an unpleasant conversation filled with white lie.

If the blade cut your tongue or lips, so much that blood started to flow, this means the interlocutor will be someone from your relatives and friends. Remorse will further complicate an already difficult situation.

If a cutting object is in your mouth, because you are trying it with your teeth, the dream book believes that the plot in a dream is inspired by the impressions of a real new acquaintance. Probably, the meeting encouraged you, nevertheless, you still doubt whether you can trust this person.

If you dreamed of a blade in your mouth, the Women's Dream Book secretly informs that someone from your environment does not dare to confess his love.

Sergii Haranenko
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