Stepping Over Dream Meaning

Did you step over something in a dream? Stepping over something in a dream is a sign that in real life a person seeks to overcome some difficulties or his own fears, popular dream books explain. Do you want to know what awaits you after such a dream? Remember what exactly you stepped over and clarify what each of the obstacles symbolizes.

Seeing in a dream how you step over the threshold is a symbol of successfully passing the life test. Depending on where exactly the door led, the threshold of which you stepped over, the interpretation of the dream may also depend.

So, did you dream that you were entering your house? This means that the end of family strife will soon come. Peace and tranquility will reign in the family. And if you come to work, this is a sign that you will be able to bring your ideas to life.

It is bad if in a dream you caught your foot on something, stepping over an obstacle. Such a dream can mean failure and disappointment.

A dream in which you step over mud or puddles symbolizes your decency and purity of thoughts. You try not to pay attention to gossips and intriguers, believing that it is above your dignity to participate in their "affairs", Tsvetkov's dream book pleases with interpretations.

And if you see in a dream that you still got into dirty slurry and got smeared, then in reality you should beware of insidious people and hypocrites - they can harm you by tarnishing your reputation, the interpreters warn.

Stepping over the deceased in a dream is a symbol of loss of trust. What does it mean if you had a dream in which you step over a freshly dug grave? Remember, if there were other burial places nearby, then such a vision warns that you can cause distrust of your loved ones with your idle talk. And if you see that there are no other burial mounds next to the grave you dreamed about, this means you need to treat everything that is said to you with a grain of salt - do not trust it without checking it.

Did you have a dream that you were forced to step over the deceased? Vanga's dream book says: you will be disappointed when you learn about your friend's insincerity.

Dreaming about jumping over the water: from ease in business to restraint in feelings.

Did you dream that you were stepping over a stream without fear of falling into it? This is a good sign promising ease and simplicity in the implementation of the planned endeavors. And if you nevertheless stumbled, jumping to the other side, this means you should show restraint and compliance when communicating with people.

Stepping over a rushing stream of water is a sign of the ability to control your emotions and pacify ambitions.

    Remember, perhaps in a dream you happened to step over something else:
  • stepping over an animal - predicts pacifying your own pride;
  • stepping over stones or sand - you are not afraid of difficulties, you are very determined;
  • stepping over a pit or ditch - you will be able to overcome your fears and complexes;
  • stepping over insects, spiders, creeping reptiles - means victory over enemies.
Sergii Haranenko
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