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Washing Hands Dream Meaning

Usually dreams about washing hands are seen by people who have carefully hidden guilt for any unseemly deeds. The person wants to forget this guilt and get pure. The dream can also mean you will be offered to take part in a fraud activity or any other unseemly action that can ruin your reputation.

If the dreamer was washing his hands under the tap with clean water and soap, this means he will soon take part in a pleasant event or some party. Washing hands with milk means you will meet good friends and spend a great time together. Washing hands with snow – all your wishes will come true.

If your hands were very dirty and you tried to wash them without soap rubbing them, this symbol means you have no one to rely on and will have to take the decision on your own. You should be careful not to become a part of reprehensible acts because your reputation will be spoiled and it will be not possible to hide the consequences.

If the person was washing hands with cold clear water, this can symbolize getting rid of an old illness. If the water was hot and full of different scents, this is a symbol that the dreamer can soon surrender to passion and have an affair. But he will be ashamed of it later on.

Washing blood off your hands in a dream means you are terrified in real life because you can not fight back troubles and problems that you face. Washing fat off your hands is a symbol of chores and routine. Washing feces off your hands is a symbol of financial success and profit.

Washing your hands with soap can represent problems, chores and beginning of difficult time. Besides that this symbol can be seen as getting protection. Washing child’s hands is a precursor of happiness for the dreamer.

If a man had a dream about washing resin off his hands, this sign can mean taking part in a dark affair. If you were washing hands under the tap and dried them with a towel, this means you really need a rest. Washing off pus with water in a dream is a symbol of coming recovery. Washing off paint from your hands means that a tangled situation will be clarified soon.

You should also pay attention to the condition of the hands themselves. If they looked healthy, this means that the circumstances will be in your favor. If the hands looked unhealthy or broken, you will not be able to avoid troubles. Washing beautiful hands that are cared about can predict prominence and possible high position in your surrounding.

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Sergii Haranenko

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