Rockfall Dream Meaning

Dreaming about rockslide should not be ignored, dream books assure, because such a plot warns that not everything is calm in the dreamer's life - there is a possibility that troubles or problems will fall on you. Recall in detail what exactly fell in a dream and where it came from, so it will be easier to understand why you had such a dream.

The interpretation of a dream offered by Miller’s dreambook says: if you had such a dream, it means that your soul hardened from trouble. Remember, all the problems are passing, but a good relationship will be hard to restore - do not show your anger to your loved ones.

According to another interpretation, an avalanche of stones can portend the collapse of your plans and hopes. Especially if big boulders have fallen on you. Were you laid down with the rocks? Wait a while before embarking on a plan.

What the rockfall from the sky means in a dream, the Eastern Dream Book will tell you: beware of the wrath of the one you offended. Remember, nothing passes without a trace, if you do evil, it will come back to you a hundredfold.

If you dreamed that you see how someone divine, let's call him God, throws huge stones from heaven at you, laughing at the same time? This means that you have captured an influential person among your enemies. Dream interpretation of Tsvetkova advises you to lie low for some time, because it is unlikely that you will be able to make amends with an apology.

A dream, the plot of which is that a rockfall has rushed upon you, rushing from the mountain, means your resentment against someone. You have turmoil in your soul, you are offended and cannot think reasonably, so you exude rage at any occasion and for everyone. It is worth calming down, dream books suggest, to analyze the situation and drawing the right conclusions.

And here is Miss Hasse's dream book, explaining an avalanche of stones from a mountain with suddenly surging feelings of love. Although in some circumstances, the plot seen in a dream, may symbolize a feeling of hostility that arose from nowhere. For example, if you see in a dream that stones from a mountain fly for no reason.

Another important factor in interpreting what rockfall is about is the consequences of this disaster. So, for example, if you dreamed that a rockfall crashed a car, then it is better not to plan a trip. Especially if falling rocks in a dream not only crashed the car, but leveled it to the ground.

Do you see in a dream that many people died from rockslide? The Dreambook of the White Magician suggests this is a harbinger of the fact that you will witness a mass conflict. But the interpretation of Nostradamus claims that a similar plot prophesies earthquakes and other cataclysms.

    It is likely that the rockfall in your dream was not from ordinary stones, but from precious ones. Here's what some of them mean in a dream:
  • diamonds - firmness of mind and aspirations;
  • emeralds - you will be visited by a desire to change something in your life;
  • sapphires - a love adventure awaits you;
  • rubies - one should not hold a grudge for a long time;
  • gems - friends will invite you to a fun mass event.
Sergii Haranenko
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