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Lava Dream Meaning

Dreams about lava reflect the inner state of the dreamer. Judging from its look, power and moving one can say a lot about the dreamer and events waiting for him. If you had a dream about lava pouring out of earth crack, you can be expecting events full of passions and emotions. Maybe you will meet new love and these feelings will be more powerful than the existing ones. Running away from fiery lava indicates that you are not ready for relations and are resistively trying to avoid them. A dream about lava that cooled down reflects old relations and memories.

Some dreambooks think that fiery lava in a dream indicates your not best feelings, you are full of anger and aggression. It is easy to get what volcano eruption means – you will soon explode. This dream shows you need a rest. Erupting lava in a dream usually promises big changes in live. If you saw burning lava under your feet, you will soon be involved into an unpleasant situation with scandals and maybe fights. Running away from lava can be interpreted as you being able to avoid the scandals and problems. Seeing lava from far distance can indicate a natural disaster coming in real life.

Lava dreams can be seen as a result of your deed in reality. For example, if a young woman sees lava floods, the dream shows that her selfishness can have bad consequences. Lava waves taking away your house indicate that you yourself are the reason of your troubles. The dream promises arguments, gossip and general talking. Lava floods under your feet can mean that some work will overwhelm you and you will not pay attention to other problems. If you were running away from lava floods that were burning everything around, but not you, this is a very favorable dream telling that you will have a great chance to show your professional qualities and abilities.

Sergii Haranenko

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