Elevator Falling Dream Meaning

Why do you dream that the elevator falls down? This is a very alarming signal in a dream that warns of an impending danger. The dream book suggests taking into account various details of the plot and will give an extremely accurate decoding.

The dream book suggests starting the interpretation of a dream by decoding its heading element.

An elevator in its meaning in a dream is analogous to a staircase, but unlike it does not imply the application of any effort for movement. Simply put, if you dreamed about a lift, this means fate itself leads you, and you are not able to change something.

Therefore, to see how the lift falls is bad in almost any scenario in a dream. In general terms, the plot symbolizes the loss of vitality, the deterioration of affairs and the quality of life, as well as discord in relationships and bad luck.

What does it mean if you dream that the elevator is falling down, but you have already managed to get out of it? Miller's dream book is sure: in reality, you will miraculously avoid big trouble. But falling along with the elevator booth is definitely bad. One of the worst periods in life is destined for you.

A falling elevator reflects the dreamer's psychological state and mental trauma in a dream. The dream book reminds: an elevator car, directed downward, indicates that you are counting on outside help, but you will definitely not receive it.

Did you have a dream that the elevator cabin was rushing into the abyss, and you were sitting inside? At the very least, it means deep disappointment, at the maximum, incredible shock and prolonged depression.

What are the other meanings of dreaming of a falling elevator? The dream interpretation suspects that you are really on the verge of breaking down.

Moreover, if the elevator falls down in your dream, this means there is a person nearby who, intentionally or completely unwittingly, literally pulls you to the bottom.

The collapse of the lift booth in a dream reflects the loss of social status and warns of impending trials. Did you happen to see you flying into the elevator shaft? This is a sure sign of the collapse of hopes for a happy family.

How to understand a dream that the elevator is falling down? Remember well the exact speed with which the fall occurred in the dream, and who was nearby. If the fall was swift, this means a character will appear in your life who will completely destroy the usual stereotypes or even existence itself.

The relatively slow elevator movement, according to the dream book, gives time to gather strength and try to find a way out.

    In addition, the dream book suggests taking into account other details of the dream plot. If the elevator falls in a dream:
  • And banked - sharp turn of fate.
  • Falling apart - complete loss of state, position.
  • And explodes - loss of faith, hope.
  • Stops - you will be on the verge of trouble.

Why do you dream that you were alone in a lift flying down? The dream interpretation predicts an unsuccessful trip or a failed business trip. Seeing a lot of people nearby is no better. This means that a group of people will fail at the same time.

In addition to all of the above, the elevator reflects the dreamer's spiritual development better than other symbols. If it goes down, then it hints at mental degradation or returning to the starting point.

Did you dream that the cabin broke off and crashed into the lift shaft? You run the risk of doing a bad deed, which will radically harm your own soul. The people or objects present in the dream will give an indication of where to look for the cause of the problem.

Sergii Haranenko
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