Falling From Stairs Dream Meaning

Falling from stairs in a dream is quite an unfavorable symbol. You will have to face disappointments, financial loss, and problems in working sphere. You should get ready to overcome the obstacles after seeing such a dream.

According to Miller, a dream about falling from the stairs is a negative sign promising despair to traders and bad harvest to farmers. The plot about falling from stairs is a warning about bad luck in all the spheres of your life, you should be careful not only in business but even during a simple conversation with people in order to avoid unwanted problems.

Falling down from the stairs can also mean that you will lose your head because of love and this can put you in danger. Love is a great feeling, but it is not worth losing control.

Falling from a ladder because it was broken is a symbol that shows that some unbearable obstacles do not let your plan move on. It is better revise your plans and correct them.

If you see another person falling from the stairs, this night image means that you will have misunderstandings with this man: you will ask for his help but he will refuse. An unknown person falling can symbolize quarrels with your friends. It can also mean that one of your acquaintance will fall in your eyes and will turn to be not the one you have taking him for.

Falling from the stairs in a dream can also indicate that you have made some mistake that can cause you troubles. If a woman sees such dream she can become a victim of sexual harassment or have an unwanted sexual contact.

If you were scared during the fall, this dream means you will overcome the obstacles and have luck after that. If you had a soft landing and wasn’t hurt, this is a good sign that you will solve your problems happily. A child falling from the stairs predicts problems in business. If he was hurt and cried, you should be expecting problems from people close to you, they can betray.

    If you remember who fell from the stairs you can get better interpretation of the dream:
  • An unknown man – bad luck that can still be avoided;
  • A woman – failure because of deception;
  • A pregnant woman – significant money loss;
  • A child – there will be obstacles during your beginnings;
  • Your little daughter – losing hope for successful ending of your plan because of the troubles.
  • Your adult daughter – you will have to pay for her mistakes.
Sergii Haranenko
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