Escalator Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of an escalator seen in a dream? It is very simple to learn why you dream about the escalator. It is enough to recall that this mechanism provides automatic movement. So, you can hardly influence the events that take place in your life. The dream book, however, recommends a closer look at the other symbols that you observed in a dream.

The first thing that a dream book recommends remembering is whether you happened to go up or down the escalator. Regardless of the method, climbing up in a dream is certainly better than going down.

Therefore, if you dreamed that you were traveling up the escalator, then in real life you will find a steady, albeit slow, career growth. If, in a dream, you were going down, then you should not expect any quick success at the place of work.

Moreover, if in a dream you walked up an escalator lane standing still, this means the path to success will be difficult and time-consuming.

According to the not-so-common interpretation of the dream book, a moving escalator in a dream symbolizes the spiritual development of a dreamer. It is not difficult to understand why you dream of climbing the escalator uphill in this regard. Your inner self-awareness is likely to grow and evolve.

If you dreamed of a sharp fall from the escalator, then the dream book believes that something happened that made you lose faith, changed your mind to false one, or got simply disappointed.

It is known that most often escalators are installed in the subway or in the store. The dream interpretation recommends that you take into account the place that you dreamed of. After all, its symbolism can be the opposite.

For example, the metro itself is a mysterious and secret image, often associated with danger and uncertainty. Seeing the subway in a dream is not always a good sign. But the upward-moving subway escalator represents liberation and new ideas.

If, in a night's dream, you had to go down or even worse, you saw your fall from the lift, this means a period of difficulties and hopelessness looms ahead.

By the way, if in night dreams you were moving hard along the escalator against its movement and against the crowd of people, this image means you have a great idea, but it will not be properly received.

On the other hand, the dream book believes that the subway has become a familiar part of life for many people. And it is not surprising that you dreamed of an escalator crowded with people at rush hour. The subconscious is probably hinting that you might be late for work or a meaningful meeting.

What is the meaning of a dream of an escalator in the store? Here you have to deal with the interpretation of the trading place itself. The dream interpretation suggests using any details for decryption: the presence of buyers, goods on the shelves, lighting, sounds and much more. However, most often, a trading establishment in a dream may be reflecting the financial condition and everything connected with it.

For example, an escalator in a store in which there are no goods seen in a dream predicts failure, lack of money and deterioration in material condition. If you saw that the buyers are having fun and buying something, and the moving conveyor inexorably takes you away, this means you will literally stay away from the “holiday of life”.

However, the dream book advises you not to be discouraged if the escalator takes you to a huge pavilion full of goods. This promises you serious expenses, but the purchase will be your dream come true.

An escalator seen in a dream may also be a sign of revaluation of life values.

If you saw an elevator at the airport – this means a long-term work trip; the one in a store may symbolize an expensive purchase; escalator in the subway – can predict a dangerous situation because of your indiscretion.

Just riding an escalator in a dream can be a promise of having a good time with friends.

If the escalator suddenly stopped in your dream, this means difficulties in business and work. The collapse of the lift in the metro predicts worries for your loved ones.

Running along a moving escalator against its course means waste of time.

Stumbling over the step of the escalator and falling – is a symbol of disease. A very long escalator – means risk of getting into an awkward situation.

A slow escalator can be a sign of fulfilling your creative idea. The one that is moving too fast predicts signing a profitable agreement.

Fixing an escalator in a dream predicts reconciliation with enemies.

According to Freud, such a dream is a sign of harmony in relationships.

Sergii Haranenko
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