Eyebrows Dream Meaning

If you saw eyebrows in a dream, then the first thing you should pay attention to is their color and density. It is these features that will help you unravel why such a plot appears in a dream. Some dream dictionaries think that dreaming about eyebrows is a symbol of successful project implementation or signing an important agreement. Besides that the similar plot may indicate dissatisfaction with one’s personal life.

Plucking, trimming and cutting eyebrows

Plucking your eyebrows in a dream – is a sign of small changes in reality. The Modern dream book advises considering the opportunities that suddenly appeared. There may be some danger in them and if you need help, do not be afraid to ask those people you trust for it.

Miller's dream book promises the dreamer participation in events that are not too pleasant for him if he dreamed about eyebrows plucking.

Plucking your own eyebrows – represents insignificant losses; if it were someone else’s eyebrows – this means you may receive a message about the death of an outsider. Plucking your eyebrows completely in a dream predicts the onset of a black stripe.

Vanga also has a description of why one dreams of cutting separate hairs on his/her face. Vanga's dream book interprets a similar plot as a harbinger of difficulties that will arise in relationships with a loved one. Psychologists believe that cutting eyebrows in a dream is a slight hint of low self-esteem or self-flagellation. Getting rid of eyebrows voluntarily can symbolize dissatisfaction with oneself in reality.

Unusual eyebrows shape and length

Too long and curved eyebrows in a dream mean that the sleeper is universally respected and honored. Very thick and wide ones usually warn of a quarrel with friends; bushy eyebrows - mean success in business. What non-standard eyebrows can mean in a dream is also described by the Female Interpreter. The unusual shape means that in real life you will have to face difficulties in personal relationships. The Female dream book recommends that you consider the needs of your partner carefully.

In a dream, looking at beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows in the mirror, diligently caring for them - means an attempt to attract the attention of others in real life.

Thick brows and monobrow

Thick eyebrows most often portend quick profits and good luck in all matters. But they are also a warning sign of possible obstacles. Such a dream may mean the visit of long-awaited guests. Aesop's dream book interprets such a dream very positively. According to this source, thick black eyebrows seen in a dream promise good health.

Sometimes one can also dream of a unibrow. In this case, a Universal dream book promises great material wealth. If in a dream you saw fused eyebrows on another person's face, get ready for trouble.

If the dream eyebrows were located very high on the face, this is a sign that you will have to experience a surprise in reality. Was one eyebrow slightly higher than the other? The Eastern dream book warns that there is great risk of drawing wrong conclusions. Seeing overgrown eyebrows on your own face is a sign that you are truly loved.

Dyeing eyebrows

If in a dream a woman decides to dye her eyebrows, this means she will live a prosperous, wealthy and cheerful life, in which there will be many love intrigues and adventures. Those who dye eyebrows brightly can be deceived. Aesop's dream book advises to be as careful as possible and try not to trust even old friends. If the color of the hairs differs from the real one, this indicates fake. To draw neat eyebrows on your own face in a dream - promises a new acquaintance; using antimony/kohl – is a sign of a love date.

Various interpretations

Grishina explains why one dreams of extraordinary eyebrows. If you dream about stone or metal eyebrows, Grishina's dream book claims that you are irreconcilable to enemies.

Gray eyebrows hair means wisdom and influence on other people. It can be both beneficial and harmful. If you dreamed about an acquaintance or relative with gray hair, then your opinion is important to him.

A person with red hair on the eyebrows should be trusted with caution both in a dream and in reality. Business partners can trick you, and a loved one can cheat on you. Miller's dream book advises to gather strength. According to this interpreter, eyebrows often portend unexpected interference in business. If you paid attention to the brow ridges of another person, then in reality you can expect a trick from him.

Talking in night dreams with a person without any facial hair at all – predicts an acquaintance with an arrogant and deceitful person. Why do you dream of shaving off your eyebrows? This means that the sleeping person is an empty and narrow-minded person, overly frivolous and naive. To be completely without facial hair warns of shame in real life, as well as about remorse and regret.

If you dreamed about ugly eyebrows, failures in your personal life will begin very soon; rare eyebrows or if they were falling out, this means deception.

    The dreambooks offer short interpretations of dreams about eyebrows depending on details:
  • dreaming of 4 eyebrows - means a quarrel with a stranger;
  • white eyebrows - disappointment in a partner;
  • large eyebrows - a quarrel with friends;
  • hairy eyebrows - a long life;
  • shaved eyebrows - an interesting acquaintance;
  • eyebrows fallen out - victory of enemies;
  • eyebrows torn out - getting rid of old things;
  • high eyebrows - an unexpected meeting with a friend;
  • eyebrows plucked out - changes in personal life;
  • very thick eyebrows - promotion;
  • double eyebrows - income increase;
  • women’s eyebrows - may mean tears;
  • red eyebrows - deception on the part of the dreamer;
  • curvy eyebrows - acquaintance with an influential person;
  • dyed eyebrows - a comfortable life;
  • beautiful eyebrows - the desire to attract the attention of others;
  • drawn eyebrows - injury during travel;
  • dark eyebrows - inheritance;
  • small eyebrows - the loss of property;
  • black eyebrows - good health;
  • men’s eyebrows - the appearance of envious people in the team;
  • fake eyebrows - temporary reconciliation with ill-wishers;
  • ugly eyebrows - failure;
  • unusual eyebrows - fighting enemies;
  • uneven eyebrows - visiting an entertainment event;
  • pink eyebrows - strong friendship;
  • redheads eyebrows - a short romance;
  • thinned eyebrows - a valuable thing may be stolen from a dreamer;
  • plucked eyebrows - gossip;
  • fused eyebrows - the beginning of a new business;
  • blue eyebrows - meeting an unusual person;
  • eyebrows washed away - open confrontation with ill-wishers;
  • pierced eyebrows – regrets due to mistakes made;
  • huge eyebrows – winning in gambling;
  • eyebrows that grow in two rows - rest with the family;
  • broken eyebrows - financial assistance from a relative;
  • stranger’s eyebrows - good luck in professional activities;
  • wide eyebrows - parting with a loved one;
  • shaving eyebrows with a razor - means losses due to unsuccessful investments;
  • to see long hairs on your eyebrows - luck in love;
  • pulling them out in front of the mirror - means help from friends;
  • correcting one’s eyebrows - unplanned spending through the fault of a friend.
Sergii Haranenko
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