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Former Work Dream Meaning

The dreambooks call dreams of former work a symbol of regret about time that can not be returned. One should expect changes, but beware of fraud. There are also positive interpretations of such a vision in a dream: personal growth, salary increase, success with colleagues.

If you saw your former boss in a dream, maybe you miss an opportunity to ask for his advice or help. If you discussed work issues with your former boss, this dream is a warning about stress situation.

    In order to get detailed interpretation, you should remember whom you saw in a dream:
  • Employees – you should avoid risky deals because you may lose money;
  • Your ex-boss – the dream is worried about changes in personal life or at work;
  • Director – personal growth, a lot of energy. But you should also remember about self-criticism;
  • Male – love affair at work for women, problems for men;
  • Female – interest for a woman if see by a man, complications for a woman.

Also to see your former employees in a dream means: the professional skills acquired earlier will help to succeed in the new field.

A dream of a woman from former work predicts difficulties with your new colleagues or management.

To receive a reprimand from the director of the former work or to quarrel with him promises new discoveries, excellent success, harmony, joy.

Returning to your old work means you are not satisfied with your current job and you consider the old one better. Such plot also indicates that you should not waste time and effort on the unrealizable.

Seeing a building where your ex-work was located is a sign of changes. If the building was ruined, this means problems in business.

A plot about your old colleagues warns of a dangerous situation when you can lose valuables or reputation. One must beware of fraud, betrayal, theft.

If you imagined your relative or acquaintance as your former boss, this means you have problems communicating with this person.

If the enterprise that you have left is flourishing in a dream, you can expect fulfillment of desires.

Sergii Haranenko

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