Coming Back Dream Meaning

For people who had a chance to return somewhere in a dream, the dreambook advises to show perseverance and dedication. You need to change or adjust your plans, point of view and worldview. Let's find out why you dream of returning to the past.

According to Miller, the dream of returning home is associated with the inability of the dreamer to finish what he started without the support of his loved ones.

Seeing that you have come back from a long trip or business trip means that in reality you will be organizing a fun party with your friends.

    The dream book of the New Era associates the interpretation of a dream with the place where the dreamer had to return. So, to come back to:
  • your home - speaks of idyll and comfortable environment in the family;
  • to a loved one - speaks about a change in relations with a lover;
  • to your former lover - means disappointment in the current partner;
  • to the previous place of work - speaks about the desire to achieve something in business field.

Denise Lynn's dream book indicates the inability to compromise to people who had a dream about leaving and coming back.

Did you dream that you somehow miraculously returned to the past? This means that the acquired negative experience greatly inhibits your development.

Interpreting a return to the past, escoterics remind of unfinished business. The English dreambook compares such an episode with a subconscious desire to change your life radically.

Loff's dream book explains the return to your ex partner by the lack of attention from the current soulmate. Seeing that you are trying to break off relations with your partner in a dream, but then come back to him, means you will have to go through an emotional shake or shock in reality.

Did you have a dream that you missed the train and are now walking back home along the rails? The Modern combined dream book advises you to be quick in order not to miss the opportunity to fulfill your old plans.

But if you happen to return to the train, because you changed your mind about where you were going in a dream, this means you will be afraid to take advantage of the opportunity in reality.

If your loved one came back home, this is interpreted by Freud as a harmonious relationship in sex. Seeing that pets come back indicates the desire of the dreamer to have an intimate relationship with a younger partner.

If you dreamed that the children had returned, this means that the dreamer prefers to engage in self-satisfaction instead of sex.

For people who had to return to their old house in a dream, the Esoteric Dream Book announces the need to finish a long-started business. You may have to start from scratch to complete an endeavor successfully.

Interpreting the return seen in a dream, Medea predetermines the appearance of doubts about the positive outcome of some endeavor in the dreamer. Returning to the starting point along the rails predetermines a difficult trip or a business trip by the dream interpreter.

A Modern universal dream book advises those who happened to return to bygone times to slow down at work a little. The pace of life you choose is too tiring and can lead to depression, a complete decline in mental and physical strength.

Sergii Haranenko
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