Gold Chain Dream Meaning

If you dreamed of a gold chain, you should definitely remember all the details. Very often, the interpretation depends on the circumstances that accompany the appearance of this precious decoration in a dream.

Finding a gold chain in a dream is considered a good sign. The dream plot is interpreted as coming joyful events and wealth. It should be remembered that wealth can imply not only material values, but also have a deeper meaning. Perhaps in the near future there will be a person who will become everything in the fate of the dreamer. The dream promises getting acquainted with a talented and multifaceted person who takes an active part in the life of a dreamer. To lose the gold chain in a dream is a symbol of carelessness and laziness.

If you dreamed of a golden chain on the neck of an unfamiliar person, the dream book warns - you are too interested in the details of the intimate life of other people. To dream of a chain on oneself - to the immutability of aspirations; on someone else – means betrayal of relatives.

A gold chain with a pendant, seen in a dream, symbolizes interest. For family people, the appearance of jewelry in a dream is considered a symbol of love and fidelity. The pendant itself has the meaning of peace and harmony in your life. But here is a detailed interpretation of what chain with a pendant means in a dream, should be done in accordance with the shape, size and pattern of the latter.

If in a dream you saw a golden cross on a chain, this means a marriage awaits you very soon. Or the dreamer will meet someone who will be near for a long time. A cross of gold symbolizes joy and happiness.

A slightly different meaning has the dream, in which a gold chain appears with a larger cross. Most often, it symbolizes a new stage in life. If the fastener on such an ornament breaks in a dream, the dream book warns of a bad luck band. This period will last long and you will not be able to influence events.

If a golden chain is broken in a dream, this means your health may be impaired. To avoid this, you should abandon bad habits. If the decoration falls apart, right in front of your eyes, the dream plot is interpreted as a warning of the collapse of hopes.

The meaning of a man’s dream, which is given by Miller’s dream book: a gold chain, presented to a girl in a dream, symbolizes distrust and doubts about fidelity. Do not worry about this; most likely your worries have no reason.

Gold chain as a gift has the same meaning. The dream book advises to stop doubting your loved one. Why does one dream of a chain received as a gift not from precious metal? A marriage will be concluded for love, but your life will be far from secured.

According to the dream book, breaking/ tearing a gold chain means loss. But, such a dream should be interpreted depending on the emotional state during the dream. If the sleeping person has torn the jewelry and was very upset, this can signal a disease and a decrease in overall health. If the mood has not worsened, this means all the troubles can be overcome.

Buying a gold chain is interpreted as a sign of great disappointment. Sometimes this is a symbol that the sleeping person sets unrealistic goals. Trying to explain this or that dream, it should be remembered that gold itself is a symbol of deception. Therefore, such dreams should be treated with caution and understanding.

Sergii Haranenko
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