Gold Pendant Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual dream meaning of gold pendant? To see a gold pendant with a chain in a dream means getting acquainted with a rich person, happiness in family life. Jewelry means frank conversations, a declaration of love and a lot of positive emotions. All expectations will be justified if you dreamed of decoration with amber.

A bracelet with a gold or silver pendant is presented in a dream to people who are ready for new relationship. A dream means a fateful meeting. Everyone who has dreamed of such a gift, Miller’s dream book promises an unforgettable romance. But the gold pendant complete with a chain suggests that someone wants to control you.

    So, let's understand in more detail what some of the actions with the gold pendant mean in dreams:
  • Buying a pendant – a long-awaited surprise;
  • Finding it – creativity;
  • Receiving pendant as a gift – meeting with your fate;
  • To lose a pendant – betrayal of your beloved.

If you dreamed that you were presented a gold pendant - be prepared to meet the person you have been dreaming about for a long time. Jewelry is usually given in a dream to people longing for affection and tenderness from the opposite sex. However, be careful if you were given fake or bijouterie. Miller's dream book warns that you will meet a womanizer or a very frivolous person.

If you were given a golden bracelet with a pendant in a dream, get ready to love a powerful person who will require your complete submission to his personality. Tsvetkov’s interpretation of dream comes down to a meeting with a strong personality. Explaining why such a generous gift is dreamed, the psychologist points out certain risks.

Finding a gold pendant on the ground, seeing it in your hands symbolizes the beginning of a major creative project. Most likely, you will be invited to a major role in the theater, or offered to perform your own work in front of a huge audience. The dream book of Nostradamus also promises inspiration to all lovers.

A dream of finding a gold pendant or other thing with a chain, modern dream books do not always interpret favorably. You can be drawn into a risky business that will end in failure. In addition, if you dreamed that an accidentally expensive thing fell out of your hands, slipped off your neck, consider that you got a sign and you can miss the only chance soon.

A pendant with amber in a dream speaks of numerous confessions from a loved one. However, to see it in the wrong hands, to lose, to become a victim of robbery – predicts repeated betrayal of the partner. Try to talk to your loved one, sort out the relationship to the end, otherwise the separation will be inevitable.

Sergii Haranenko
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