Necklace Dream Meaning

What is the necklace dream meaning and symbolism? Seeing beads in a dream symbolizes various events in real life. It is possible that there will be several adverse events or positive ones, and all of them will be interconnected.

    Decorations with many rows portend a large number of events:
  • to see multi-colored necklace made of natural stones in a dream - brings a white streak in life, the dreamer will succeed, he will achieve his goals;
  • gathering beads warns that you will have a hard time, troubles and quarrels with loved ones, failures and big problems;
  • beads scattered in your hands are a sign that your plans will not come true, they can be upset for various reasons;
  • if the necklace thread is torn deliberately, all problems will step aside, the dreamer should not expect bad things from life.

If you think about what a beaded necklace around your neck means in a dream, some interpreters consider this a warning. There may be serious health problems, you should undergo a medical examination. It is necessary to reconsider your own life, reduce its pace in order to avoid serious problems.

Beads made of stones or glass can be considered a warning. Among those around there are ill-wishers and envious people who want to cause the dreamer a lot of trouble. Some friends whom a person sincerely trusts do not value relationships at all and can commit betrayal at any moment.

A wooden necklace in a dream speaks of a grand family holiday, which may turn out to be completely unexpected.

Amber necklace testifies to happiness and mutual understanding in family life, joys. The loved ones treat the dreamer with love.

Pink or white pearl necklace predicts success in all endeavors. People around will be jealous of a person because he succeeds and he can achieve his goals. There may be promotion or salary increase. Mutual understanding and happiness will reign in the house.

What is the symbolism of red necklace in dream? Seeing red beads, putting on such a necklace is considered a symbol of great passion and love. Such a dream will become a harbinger of a meeting with an interesting person who will certainly become an object of adoration, will cause previously unknown feelings. Trying on such jewelry promises the development of a long and lasting relationship, they can even lead to marriage.

Well, if in a dream you have to choose between red and another color, this means the person is not able to decide on his own behavior. You can act solely on the basis of your own desires, or adhere to generally accepted rules.

A black necklace is considered a symbol of a series of some unpleasant events. The dreamer and his loved ones will face serious problems. Accepting black jewelry as a gift means responsibility for the actions of other people, agreeing to correct other people's mistakes.

If a person in a dream sorts out black ornament, this means he may fall into a state of depression due to sad and unpleasant thoughts, he cannot concentrate on the main thing.

What does it mean when you see white necklace in a dream that causes a state of delight and pleasant emotions? Such dreams portend the development of creative abilities and talents, promotion. You should increase your own self-confidence in order to succeed in life.

Short necklace which is almost impossible to wear means that a person does not want to leave his past which is gone forever. The dream means disappointment and worries.

Colored jewelry with large stones can be seen in dreams as a symbol of vivid emotions and pleasant travels.

Gathering scattered necklace beads in a dream symbolizes conflict situations in family life. Breaking the thread on your own – predicts scandals with a life partner, troubles.

Long beads associated with unpleasant feeling of heaviness in the neck means that a person is in great need of the support of loved ones, but does not see help from them. You should not worry about this, in reality all problems will be resolved safely; the dreamer will sign an important contract or find a highly paid job.

A dream of giving or choosing necklace as a present for a long time means a desire to get closer to a certain person; if the jewelry is expensive enough, this person means a lot in one’s life; but cheap products can make you doubt the sincerity of feelings for the object of desire.

Taking the necklace off and throwing it away – means getting rid of heavy obligations, relief in real life, but putting them on another person means trying to shift your own responsibilities to others.

Stealing a necklace in a dream portends danger, it is advisable to act very carefully in the near future, avoid unpleasant situations and participation in dubious projects, in particular, you should pay attention to the documentation and try not to sign it.

Sergii Haranenko
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