Grave Of A Living Person Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you are dreaming about the grave of someone who is still alive? A dream about a grave of a living person predicts positive changes and self-development. Besides that, this dream may speak about communicating with an intrusive person and problems in personal life.

    Whom did you see in the grave?
  • a grave of your husband who is alive - may predict divorce;
  • child’s grave - the loss of mutual understanding with him in reality;
  • seeing your son’s grave in a dream - concern for his safety;
  • your own grave - the impossibility of fulfilling the plan;
  • the gravesite of a familiar person - a major conflict.
    What were you doing with the grave in a dream?
  • lying near the grave of a living person - difficulties in communicating with others;
  • looking for it - finding an additional source of income;
  • digging a grave of someone who is alive - meanness in relation to a loved one;
  • digging up the grave of a living person means an attempt to correct a mistake;
  • sitting next to the grave - symbolizes vain expectations;
  • standing near it - predicts positive changes.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams of grave of someone who is alive?

  • The graves of living people in an abandoned cemetery are a sign of melancholy.
  • Tomb of living person in prison graveyard - a serious illness.
  • The common grave of living relatives - an unsuccessful business trip.
  • Removing dried flowers from it - means lack of attention from relatives.
  • Putting a funeral wreath on the tomb - symbolizes loneliness.

What are the Top-5 good grave of living person dream meanings?

  • The fresh grave of a friend who is alive in reality predicts a pleasant conversation with him.
  • Seeing your colleague’s grave - means the successful completion of a profitable project.
  • Dream about a grave of a living loved one - an invitation to a family holiday.
  • Installing a new monument on it - predicts a long-awaited vacation with loved ones.
  • Crying near the grave of someone still living - predicts meeting your future husband / wife.

What is the grave of a living person dream meaning, according to Miller's dream book? Such a dream may portend quarrels with a loved one due to his frivolous behavior.

According to Sigmund Freud, the grave of a living person appears in dreams as a sign of parting with a partner. If such a dream is repeated often, this means moral fatigue.

    According to Vanga's dream book:
  • the grave of an alive child symbolizes emotional burnout;
  • grave of a living adult - the emergence of new perspectives in life;
  • seeing the grave of the elderly person who is alive - improving well-being in the near future.
Sergii Haranenko
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