Empty Grave Dream Meaning

What it means if you dreamed of an empty tomb? Explaining why the empty grave appears in a dream, the dream book takes into account many different factors: the time and place of the action in a dream, the mood of the sleeping person, and some plot details. Often a symbol warns of an increased likelihood of unpleasant incidents, the interpretations contain recommendations on how to avoid them.

What is the spiritual meaning of a grave without casket seen in a dream? According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, an empty grave warns of danger and precedes disappointing news from afar.

Sigmund Freud, in his interpretation of the dream, clarifies that the reputation of the sleeper is vulnerable: that which has been carefully hidden for so long will become public at the most inopportune moment.

Freud's follower, scientist Simeon Prozorov, believes that trouble threatens not so much the dreamer himself, but someone from his relatives or friends if one saw a dream about an empty tomb.

To more accurately interpret what a dug out empty grave means in dreams, the English dream book clarifies what emotions the image evoked in a dream and compares them with circumstances from reality.

Fright you felt in a dream portends the funeral of a suddenly deceased person whom the dreamer knew well. The dream reminds the ill person how serious his condition is. Persons who associate cemeteries with appeasement have nothing to worry about: they will make new friends.

It is interesting to know what a jump across a tomb symbolizes in a dream. Doing such a trick in a dream happens to those who in reality prefer to hush up, avoid discussing complex issues instead of finding a way out.

If you dream of an empty grave with collapsing walls, water coming from the bottom, this image means you may lose control of the situation.

If you are lucky enough to find valuable or shiny gizmos underneath in the grave, the Italian dream book promises favorable changes in your personal life.

In the Family Dream Book there is an explanation of why one dreams of digging out the grave or digging a fresh one. An acute conflict situation is brewing; if in a dream you happened to bring the matter to an end, you will be possible to get out of it as a winner.

Watching relatives or acquaintances dig a grave happens in anticipation of alienation in family and friendly relationships. If you find grave diggers at work, beware of domestic injuries.

    Season and weather conditions play an important role in interpretations of dreams about empty tomb:
  • If you had to chisel the frozen soil, financial problems are ahead;
  • Autumn rain symbolizes forced departure, separation;
  • The view of the spring cemetery portends a pleasant atmosphere;
  • A summer day promises gatherings with old friends;
  • Strong cloudiness in a dream promises malaise, disappointment, difficulties;
  • Bright sunlight reflects a surge of strength, luck.

What it means if you dream about fresh grave? In Miller’s dream book, a freshly dug hole predicts dishonest behavior of a loved one, entailing disastrous consequences or severe suffering on the verge of loss of mental health. Now it’s not wise to rely on anyone other than yourself.

If in a dream the body of the deceased disappeared from the place of burial, one will face poverty. Puzzled contemplation of an empty coffin promises separation from a person you care about. The bad news is threatening to knock the ground from under your feet.

According to Rommel, the wish for someone to fall into hell does not sound like a curse, of course, if this happens in a dream. Such a fall means wealth, a bold deed, invaluable help to one's neighbor.

An empty grave in a dream as an overnight stay in a dream symbolizes a test of relationships for strength. Perhaps your test will be passed with honor. The deeper it was possible to go, the higher the rise will be in reality.

A Psychoanalytic dream book will tell you why an empty grave, devastated by grave diggers, appears in a dream. The symbol represents uncertainty, fear of loss. The situation is aggravated if there were several looted burials.

The freshly dug deepening surrounded by ritual wreaths personifies the forthcoming changes which can puzzle at first. Over time, the dreamer will certainly appreciate the benefits of innovation.

Sergii Haranenko
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