Guy You Like Dream Meaning

To meet in a dream someone who you care about is a dream of any young lady. Having opened a dream book, everyone wants to know what it means if a guy she likes appears in a dream. What if your secret wish will come true in reality?

What does it mean when you see your flame in a dream? The priority is to make sure that the night adventure will really happen if you had pleasant impressions. Here the dream books declare authoritatively: the rendezvous will take place under certain conditions.

It is very important to notice everything that catches your eye - those present nearby, the situation, your crush’s behavior, his phrases and actions. The facts that the guy you like talked to you, exchanged glances, touched you - already speak of impressive chances to share the reality with him.

    What exactly was your dream of your crush about?
  • if you had a walk with the man you like – you will have a chat;
  • if you have children with your crush in a dream – this means some kind of embarrassment;
  • having sex with your crush in a dream – you will change company;
  • if you got married to the man you care about – you will be disappointed.

To see how the object of your adoration hugs another girl in a dream means that shyness prevents you from getting the desired object. The dream books give you advice: you should be braver.

Is the young man indifferent, and doesn’t care about female charisma and is busy with his own affairs, not noticing your attempts at seduction? It is doubtful that you will be able to become a couple. It is better to consider other contenders for your hand and heart.

Did you dream of meeting with the twin brother of the person you like? Why is there such an unexpected turn? Most likely, the dreaming woman came up with her feelings out of boredom, and she is indifferent to this person.

Does it mean your crush likes you as well if you saw him in your dream? He may have some secret passionate feelings towards you, but it depends on you whether your relations will develop.

If you dream that you kiss and hug with the object of your passion, and you think you look great together, this is a sign for you to make the first step in waking life.

If you noticed a man you like with another woman in a dream, this means you should not trust silly gossip.

What does it mean if you stole a guy from someone? This means your romance won't last long. Lack of common interests will play its role. Seeing a young man cuddling another man in a dream is a sign that your potential groom will bring bitterness.

Did you do something together with your crush in a dream? Doing joint work in a dream, being in the same room means harmony, friendship. Favor can quickly turn into attraction.

Correspondence with romantic messages can be seen in a dream if you both are very indecisive. To make a gift or receive one from your crush – means you will find the long-awaited intimacy.

What is the meaning of a dream of having dinner with the parents with the man who charmed you? Seeing a crucial stage in a dream – acquaintance with parents – often means the opposite. Your parents will not approve of the guy you like. The dream book warns in advance: the choice of the partner may be unsuccessful.

If a lady saw a dream on Thursday, get ready for matchmaking or, at least, for a serious conversation with your family. Fate has long predetermined to unite the souls in love.

Dream Interpretations say: when you invite the object of your passion into your place – is a sign that you will not become devoted lovers, but strong friendship is guaranteed.

    You should also pay attention to the dream details when you invited your crush:
  • treating your crush - deception, farce;
  • looking at pictures - brotherly feelings;
  • seeing the person you like shod in a room - means he is unable to protect you;
  • if he smashed something - this means doubts.

What is the meaning of a dream about seeing the guy you care about looking improperly or in inexplicable circumstances? If in a dream the behavior of the hero is strange, like that of a distant acquaintance, beware of the intrigues of a beautiful rival.

If you have received news of the death of a dear one, this means the young man is in danger of failure, which you can use profitably and give him some recommendation or console him.

Why does a young man you like appear drunken, inadequate, aggressive in a dream? The person is not who he claims to be. His real face is hidden behind a mask of innocence and a masculine core.

Sergii Haranenko
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