Flirting Dream Meaning

In reality, flirting is perceived by people differently. For some it’s just a frivolous game, for others it’s a way to gain self-confidence, some consider it a waste of time. Being interested in why coquetry is seen in a dream, it is important to know that any expression of sympathy in a dream is explained by the dream book by the dreamer's excessive credulity, the need for communication and attention.

If you dreamed that you happened to flirt with a stranger, psychologist Miller thinks that this plot speaks about the internal dissatisfaction of the chosen one with the behavior of the dreamer. Perhaps, being with a loved one at someone else's wedding or other event, you will behave incorrectly, causing anger and resentment of your beloved person.

Seeing how other girls are flirting with your boyfriend in a dream means insipid boring intimate relationships in a couple, which are the reason for the lack of charm, relaxedness, imagination and the young lady's willingness to try sexual experiments.

Dreams in which a young woman happens to flirt with a man sitting on his laps are interpreted by most dream books as the dreamer’s subconscious need for protection or, conversely, indicates a held feeling of security. In a dream, any male image, whether it is a familiar guy or a stranger, is compared with a father or an older relative, and has no sexual connotation.

A dream is considered quite favorable and encouraging, in which a woman happens to flirt with her beloved man. The dreaming image foresees complete harmony and mutual understanding with the soul mate.

Another explanation of why one dreams of flirting with your own boyfriend is found in Miss Hasse's dream book. The interpreter relates the dream action to happiness, pleasant pastime.

The Modern combined interpreter is rather severe in its judgments of why one dreams of flirting with someone else’s man. For a young lady flirting with a stranger in a dream predicts the possibility of suffering from betrayal and hypocrisy of the chosen one. Seeing similar images by married ladies predicts reckoning for past folly.

As for dreams of flirting with a former lover reflects an invisible connection between the dreamer and the character. The presence of the ex beloved in a dream, flirtation and signs of attention on his part, portend a dreamer a clash with the past. Perhaps in order to unravel a love ball, you should understand your own feelings and understand what connects you with this person.

If a young lady in a dream happened to receive signs of attention from strangers, this means the marriage, to which the girl is preparing, will not be happy. For married ladies, the interpretation of a dream in which the dreamer received hints from a friend and answered his flirting, portends an unpleasant situation caused by her behavior.

Seeing your husband flirting with another woman warns of playing with fire. At some points, the dream picture, the main plot of which is that the husband is flirting with the girl, reflects the dreamer's hidden fears and lack of confidence in her own attractiveness.

What does aphrodisiac symbolize in a dream? What would happen to the human race if there were no aphrodisiacs: someone or something should turn us on, stimulate us to action. Pay attention to who needs an aphrodisiac in your dream: perhaps this person is “sleeping” and needs to be shaken up.

If someone gives you an aphrodisiac: why does he do it? Do you want to be used? Are you being asked to do things you don't like? Perhaps an aphrodisiac in your dream symbolizes the desire to be sexually active and full of desire, without feeling guilty about it. This is also a sign that you need to activate your imagination and creativity. It's time to become more passionate and awaken to action.

Sergii Haranenko
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