Handcuffs Dream Meaning

What do handcuffs symbolize in dreams? Like any shackles, handcuffs in a dream are identified with powerlessness, the inability to cope with the situation, the lack of necessary dexterity. In addition, the interpretation of shackles in a dream is associated with the danger and strength of the ill-wishers of a sleeping person who act competently and carefully behind his back.

A dream in which you are handcuffed, according to Ivanov’s dream book, predicts the upcoming wedding celebration, wedding. A dream of removing shackles reflects the ability of the dreamer getting rid of family obligations, getting divorce and living his life.

According to Dr. Freud, the handcuffs on the hands in a dream indicate a constant subconscious search for the dreamer of thrills. You are very uneasy about sex and can not decide on your own preferences.

A girl who happened to chain her boyfriend in a dream should be very careful about her beloved, otherwise there is a high probability of losing the chosen one forever. Apparently in real time, your soulmate does not have enough freedom, especially in the intimate sphere, where you clearly prefer to dominate.

Pastor Loff’s dream interpretation states that the dreams of seeing handcuffs on another person speak about the serious problems of a dreaming character. And if you consider that it was you who dreamed about this person, this means you have every opportunity to help him. Seeing the shackles on the hands of friends suggests the need to share the grief and problems of your friends.

The woman who dreamed of the arrest of her son suggests inner anxiety for her child. Often, a dreaming image is identified with excessive control of the dreamer, from whom the character wants to escape.

Putting shackles on another person in a dream is interpreted by Freud as a constant search for zest and unearthly pleasures, through constant experiments in sex and changing partners that do not always suit the dreamer.

Seeing yourself in handcuffs in a dream, signals by the New Family Dream Book about the danger of falling into the treacherous trap of enemies. If a girl dreams that a man is handcuffing her, it means that in real time she will meet a strong, powerful and tyrannical person. Do not get very close to this person, because he may very well turn your life into a prison.

Often, arrest and imprisonment are associated with the occurrence of a disease that can permanently unsettle a person and deprive of the former pleasures in life. If you dreamed that someone puts handcuffs on you as a joke - beware of a friend who has planned evil.

In a dream, stealing handcuffs symbolizes victory over the enemy by his own method. Perhaps in order to win the battle with ill-wishers, the dreamer should use the tactics of the enemy.

A dream, in which you wear cuff-bracelets, symbolizes the risk of falling under the influence of other people. To see others chained is interpreted by Miller’s dream book as the possibility to rise above the situation that has arisen and gain authority among others.

What does a dream of someone being handcuffed by police mean? If you dream of someone being handcuffed by police, it could be a sign that you or someone else is feeling guilty about something in your waking life, or that you are worried about being caught or punished for a wrongdoing.

Seeing someone being handcuffed by police can also evoke feelings of fear or anxiety.

Handcuffs are also a symbol of authority and control, as they represent the power of the police and the legal system. If you dream of someone being handcuffed by police, it could be a sign that you feel powerless or oppressed in a particular situation in your waking life.

Sergii Haranenko
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