Ice-hole Dream Meaning

Dreams about ice-holes usually indicate approach of important events. Some of them can and should be prevented. The night symbol is connected with the sphere of plans fulfillment and relations dynamics. As for Miller’s dreambook, it makes a conclusion that if a person sees such plot in his dream, this is a direct sign that he is an enemy to himself. If you fell into an ice-hole that you made yourself, the result of your efforts can be quite negative. If the hole was formed on its own and was very close to the dreamer, beware of danger from outside. If you were swimming in the ice-hole and saw ice forming above your head making a trap, the dream warns you that the decision made rashly can do irreversible harm.

Some dreambooks consider swimming in ice water a sign of good health and improvement of broken relations. But swimming together with your beloved in an ice-hole predicts that your feelings will cool down and shows that your connection is not very strong; if you are having a secret affair, it can be revealed soon. Making a hole to arrange swimming means you will be “floating” in feelings and emotions.

A hole, seen from safe distance and covered with ice, shows that you have very strong will and you are impossible to break and you can not be manipulated. It also promises pleasant news and compliments.

    Falling into an ice-hole has several main interpretations:
  • the plot gives a signal about accidents connected with water;
  • physically weak people can see dreams about slipping and falling into ice-hole;
  • the symbol can predict financial loss;
  • sometimes you fall into ice hole before a very unwanted meeting;
  • seeing your acquaintance fall means he will give you some troubles in real life;
  • the deeper you fell, the more difficult problem you will have to solve;
  • if the accident ended happily, your real problems will be successfully solved as well.

Fishing in an ice-hole is a symbol of people not very lucky in romantic relations. Getting a sinking person out of a hole warns about problems and shady ventures in love and business. If someone got you out, you should appreciate your friends. If you helped yourself out of an ice-hole in a dream, this is a favorable sign that the trouble will pass soon. Seeing a drowned man in an ice-hole means that the dreamer will find an answer for his question; an unknown woman who drowned symbolizes cooling feelings towards a definite person. If you saw winter christening in an ice-hole, the dreamer will revise his thought and points of view and will have spiritual growth.

Sergii Haranenko
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