Investigator Dream Meaning

Dreaming about an investigator, interrogator, another official does not necessarily mean getting involved in police, legal proceedings. More often, a dream means uncertainty, indecision in making a serious decision. The dream books interpret prosecutors in dreams based on the emotions received.

Psychologists suggest that dreams about detectives are based on fear of exposure. If you dreamed that you were interrogated by an investigator, it means that your relatives will have nagging and questions about your frequent absences and business trips.

According to Miller, feeling guilty in a dream means getting into a mess in reality and not knowing how to fix the situation.

    Miller interprets the following way why the interrogator is seen in a dream:
  • being accused - predicts a stormy scene of jealousy;
  • to act in the role of an official - the need to make an urgent decision;
  • seeing yourself being spied on - intrigue from colleagues;
  • getting into interrogation - means revelations.

Talking to an investigator in a dream, listening to accusations, seeing an isolation ward in a dream is a sign of a good shake-up.

If you dreamed that the investigator was grilling you, be prepared for a scandal that will be arranged by a jealous partner. Dream Interpretations recommend hiding suspicious phone numbers, contacts that are in doubt in advance, not giving the slightest reason to convict you of infidelity.

Family conflicts from scratch, quarrels, even short partings – this is exactly what dreams of getting under investigation mean. Your partner will believe in slander and gossip more than compelling arguments, explanations, and obvious things. Even in cases where the dreamer has never been a lover, he had no connections on the side at all.

Seeing an investigator in the performance of his duties, and acting as a defendant in a dream - predicts the possibility of exposure. Dream Interpretations advise to complete important projects, submit reports on time, and check the movement of funds in accounts.

It is possible that you will have to be disappointed in one of your colleagues if you dreamed that you were the object of the interrogation done by the investigator.

Tsvetkov's dream book explains the appearance of the investigating officer in a dream as undermining the dreamer's reputation. His interpretation of a dream boils down to the fact that previously unknown facts about your dark plans and deeds will emerge. Considerable financial investments will be required to hush up the situation.

Being the investigator in a dream is a sign of an interesting outcome of a confusing case. Finally, the question that you considered "dead" will be cleared up. If you dreamed that you liked the work of an official, feel free to start a legal battle, fight with your competitors.

Why do you dream of an appointment to work in the police or the prosecutor's office? Vanga's dream book interprets it like this: you have entered a serious home stretch. It's time to put the last word in solving the fateful issue, make a proposal to the lady your heart belongs to, pay off debts, sign a profitable contract.

Sergii Haranenko
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