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Arrest Dream Meaning

Do you think that even in a dream, an arrest does not bode well? The dream book will dispel your negative assumptions and tell you exactly why such a contradictory vision is seen in a dream.

If you dreamed that you were arrested, do not rush to be upset, the dream promises you good news soon. The arrest of a familiar person guarantees the help and support of loved ones in reality.

If the arrested person resists the police, this means your endeavor will be crowned with tremendous success. In general, being arrested in a dream means fulfilling your most cherished dream.

By the way, if in your nightly dreams you personally arrested your husband, son or other close relative, this means you will be able to find common language with this person in reality.

Trying to understand the meaning of a dream about an arrest, one should consider who dreamed about it. For example, if a woman has a vision in which her husband is arrested, this plot predicts troubles.

If a girl dreamed of the arrest of her beloved, then the dream book believes that he has a mistress. If the lady witnessed how the police took away a stranger, this plot means she will receive a marriage proposal in the near future.

But for a man, such a dream carries a very profitable business proposal. Why do you dream that you work in the police and you managed to detain a bandit? This is a very good sign; you will be able to win over to your side and literally “subdue” someone to yourself in waking life.

When interpreting the dream, you should pay special attention to the place where the arrest took place. So if your son was arrested within the walls of your own home, be prepared for any surprises. If the arrest of a stranger happened on the street, this means the dreamer's own fears and apprehensions interfere with his plans.

By the way, the dream book offers an absolutely unexpected interpretation of the dream, in which the arrest took place in a crowded place and it was you who were detained. This image means you will be able free yourself from your fears and find complete freedom.

According to Miller's dream book, the arrest of unknown people promises failure due to excessive indecision.

If you dreamed that the detainees desperately resisted and even managed to escape from the police, then you can safely take on any business. Success awaits you.

According to Vanga's dream book, if you dreamed of an arrest, this is a sign that you will be entrusted with a big secret, because of which you will worry.

A dream in which you received an arrest warrant and came to prison personally has a very unusual interpretation. Here the dream book recommends considering the meaning of the last object carefully. The fact is that even in nocturnal adventures, the prison symbolizes a certain restriction of freedom, isolation and hermitage. Most likely this means marriage, work, business, creative union and any other bonds.

Further events can be judged by your behavior: did you decide to run away, do the jailers offend you, etc. But this decoding concerns exclusively voluntary imprisonment; in all other cases, the dream book gives completely different interpretations of the dream about prison.

Sergii Haranenko

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