Attorney Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of a dream about an attorney? A lawyer seen in a dream is a symbol of mutual help and support, dream books assure. But when interpreting what the human rights defender represents in a dream, it is necessary to clarify who exactly played his role in the dream: the dreamer himself or a person close to him. These details will help you understand what to be prepared for in reality.

If a young girl dreamed that she was in some way connected with a solicitor, this means she should be careful in her actions and statements. Miller's dream book warns that one wrong word or action can have very bad consequences.

For a man to see a lawyer in a dream is a symbol of the fact that he will have to resolve property disputes with someone from his family. Moreover, troubles await you in any case: if you win the case, you will quarrel with your relatives, if you lose, you will be left without property.

According to the interpretation of a dream that the English dream book offers, acting as a counselor in a dream is a harbinger of career growth. Moreover, the promotion will be so unexpected and global that it will be more likely not a rise at the career ladder, but a leap.

The Eastern dream book also promises honor and respect for the dreamer who saw himself as a barrister who won a case in court in a dream. It is also possible that after such a plot you will take a new position for yourself in society, grow up, so to speak, socially.

The stories in which you are dealing with a lawyer defending your interests are interpreted in a slightly different way. If you dreamed that you were accused of something serious, and a lawyer is trying to protect you, remember whether he succeeded or not, Pastor Loff's dream book advises.

Winning at the court with the help of lawyer's intervention means fulfilling the dream you were striving for. But the loss of the case, unfortunately, means the collapse of hopes and illusions.

What does it mean if you dream that the hearing was postponed? You subconsciously feel that you are being lied to.

Did you have a dream that you were arguing about something with a representative of a law firm? If at the same time you understand that you are wrong, but still continue to prove your point of view, this is a sign that you feel some kind of guilt that haunts you.

Do you dream that you are listening to a conversation between two attorneys, with the opinion of one of whom you disagree? You will receive unexpected news, and, moreover, not too pleasant the interpreter upsets.

    Did you dream that you were listening to defense speeches of a lawyer in the courtroom? Remember what exactly the one who was defended by the lawyer in your dream was accused of. For example, here is what justification means:
  • of murder - this indicates that you are depressed or very blue;
  • of theft - you are tormented by remorse due to the fact that you have appropriated other people's ideas;
  • accusation of fraud - you should not start any adventures, they will end badly;
  • of hereditary litigation - a quarrel with relatives.
Sergii Haranenko
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