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Journey Dream Meaning

If you happened to travel to foreign countries in your dream, you will soon find some news about your relatives or acquaintances who live far away, the Universal dreambook states.

This is not the only interpretation of dreams about a journey. You should take into consideration the transport you have taken, which places you visited, and which emotions you experienced.

Some dreambooks think that gathering for a trip is a symbol of fulfilling all your plans in reality soon. At the moment you really want to achieve some goal, but the feeling of uncertainty prevents you. Maybe you still do not have enough experience in order to implement your ideas. You should put all your fears aside; you will definitely be lucky.

Time traveling in a dream is a definite proof that you are not satisfied with where you live, who you are communicating with and what you do. You can get rid of dissatisfaction only if you are ready for changes.

According to Modern dreambook, a train journey predicts serious worries. Making a voyage by ship is a symbol of an incredibly happy life period. Enjoy joyful emotions and carelessness and do not be afraid being happy.

An airplane trip abroad predicts a period of hard work in real life. You will need to be alert all the time and use all your attention. Only this will help to avoid mistakes and shortcomings.

According to Miller, trips in a dream are a sign of success. Luck will be following you in all the spheres of your life. If you were travelling in ugly ruined places in your dream, you should be ready for real danger in real life. This plot can also be a sign of a serious illness.

The dream plot, in which you hardly overcome bare sheer cliffs, tells about a difficult life period. According to dreambooks, this image predicts success first and then a sudden disappointment. Maybe you will have to face serious loss. Hills and mountains covered with juicy green grass predict welfare and happiness.

If you had a trip by car to another city alone, such plot predicts a real travel coming soon. The journey will go very smoothly without any especially interesting events. If you were driving in a car full of people, such plot is saying about having a good time, new acquaintances with very interesting people.

If you returned from a trip abroad ahead of time, this image means you will finish some big work or a responsible project earlier. You will finish the endeavor pretty successfully. Maybe your friends or relatives will help you with this work.

Sergii Haranenko

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