Being Abroad Dream Meaning. Being In Another Country In A Dream.

What does it mean when you dream of traveling to another country? What is being abroad dream meaning and symbolism? When you dream about a foreign country, this plot means possible travel or new opportunities and perspectives. Besides that, such a dream predicts positive life changes in professional and personal spheres.

Traveling to another countries in a dream may also predict victory over ill-wishers.

Traveling to an exotic country in a dream may mean deterioration in your health.

    The dreambooks give brief interpretations depending on the dream details:
  • seeing yourself abroad in a dream – sign of a joyful event;
  • dreaming about traveling to another country – means fulfilling a dream;
  • resting abroad at the sea – symbol of health improvement;
  • going to travel in a dream – means solving a long-standing problem quickly;
  • being in another country with your family – promises comfort and tranquility in the house.
    Here are the Top-10 bad dreams about foreign countries:
  • A dream about being arrested abroad means litigation.
  • Getting lost abroad – predicts an awkward situation.
  • Losing things in a foreign country means a deception by a friend.
  • If you dreamed that you were killed abroad, this means an accident.
  • If they stole your child abroad – this means a nervous breakdown.
  • Relaxing on the beach in another country with a stranger means being tired from everyday affairs.
  • Meeting a dead friend in another country is a sign of loss.
  • Being abroad alone - means the lack of support from loved ones.
  • If you got lost in an unfamiliar country, this plot predicts problems at work.
  • Being in another country and getting to prison - is a sign of litigation.
    What are the Top-10 good dream meanings about being in another country?
  • A business trip abroad in dreams means moving up the career ladder.
  • Having a wedding in another country – means receiving important advice.
  • Traveling abroad with friends – promises the emergence of a new hobby.
  • Being in a foreign country with your loved one – symbol of good news.
  • Visiting someone in another country – means increasing prosperity.
  • Coming abroad by car in a dream means committing a decisive act to achieve the goal.
  • Arriving to another country by plane - is a sign of love adventures.
  • Traveling in another country as part of a tourist group promises happiness.
  • Passing passport control on the territory of another state predicts a positive change in life.
  • Visiting a tour in a foreign country - means gaining new knowledge.

According to Miller's dream book, such a dream promises an interesting trip in the company of loved ones.

According to Freud's dream book, such a dream portends the emergence of new business connections.

    Additional dream meanings by Freud:
  • to come abroad to the resort means fulfilling a dream;
  • being abroad on an excursion – promises success in professional activities;
  • if you went to a foreign country for treatment – this means recovery after a protracted illness.

According to Vanga, dreaming about foreign countries symbolizes disappointment in life.

    Abroad dream meaning for men:
  • if a married man crossed the border illegally, he may be promoted to a leadership position;
  • for a single man such a dream predicts getting a highly paid job;
  • for a divorced man, the dream predicts having fun with friends.

Tsvetkov considered a dream about abroad a sign of bright impressions. If you went abroad for permanent residence, it predicts change of priorities.

According to Hasse, if you found yourself abroad with your parents in a dream, this plot predicts additional obligations at work.

According to the dream book of Nostradamus, foreign countries in a dream speak of mutual love.

According to Meneghetti, such a dream predicts an improvement in the quality of life.

    Other interpretations:
  • a trip to America in dreams indicates the need to help a friend;
  • being abroad in Europe in a dream - means attending an interesting event;
  • being in Africa in a dream – speaks of health deterioration;
  • a dream about being abroad in Australia – predicts a long business trip.
Sergii Haranenko
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