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Labyrinth Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of dreams about labyrinth? Mysterious labyrinths are interesting puzzles for adventurous people and a task with no decision for lazy ones. According to Medea, dreams about labyrinths symbolize the dreamer’s lifepath with all its dead ends, obstacles and decisions made in order to move forward. Islamic dreambooks consider labyrinths traps set by our enemies. It is also a symbol of unexpected life turns and necessity to plan your moves.

Some dreambooks think that seeing a labyrinth near you but not being inside of it means you are losing influence over the events in your life. Seeing people you know wandering in a labyrinth means you do not spend enough time with your family. To see a labyrinth of the railway roads predicts a tiresome trip but your companions will make it better. If you see a puzzle-like system or corridors in a building it is a sign that you are in difficult situation and can not find the way out. According to Freud entering a labyrinth means the number of your sexual partners will be growing. If you were wandering without any haste or fear it means you are a little bit tired of rush and vanity and prefer to be alone now. If you were hiding in a labyrinth your life situation is so complicated that you have no idea how to cope with it. Maybe you have a conflict with law-enforcement bodies.

If you are trying to find the way out of a labyrinth is your dream and begin to panic this dream symbolizes that you are in a difficult financial situation. This dream can bring tense relations with his wife for a man-dreamer. Calm wandering in a labyrinth can help you solve some task and find your way. It can sometimes promise a romantic meeting with a person who will remain a puzzle for you forever.

Wandering in a labyrinth in complete darkness may bring illness connected with nervous system. If you were dreaming about solving the puzzles of secret labyrinths it means you have very keen mind but are too lazy to start the practical use of your ideas. Walking calmly in the right direction symbolizes your knowledge of how to deal with your partner.

Sergii Haranenko

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