Darkness Dream Meaning

Symbolism of dreams of darkness

What is the spiritual meaning of darkness? In real life, darkness scares and provokes fears and phobias. But why does darkness appear in dreams? Dream books are often not too optimistic about this story. For example, to see impenetrable darkness in a dream is a symbol of disaster. But don't take this transcript so literally. Explore other options before drawing conclusions about what lies ahead.

Darkness can also represent hidden or unconscious aspects of yourself. Dreaming about darkness may suggest that there are aspects of your personality, emotions, or desires that you're not fully aware of or that you're suppressing. It could indicate a need to explore and integrate these hidden aspects into your conscious awareness.

Darkness is often associated with the night, which symbolizes the end of one day and the beginning of a new one. Dreaming about darkness may signify a period of transition, change, or transformation in your life. It could indicate that you're going through a challenging or uncertain period, but that it's necessary for growth and development.

Darkness can also represent a time of rest, relaxation, or introspection. Dreaming about darkness may symbolize a need for solitude, reflection, or retreat from the busyness of your waking life. It could indicate that you're seeking peace and quiet in order to recharge and rejuvenate.

Darkness is often associated with mystery, intuition, and the subconscious mind. Dreaming about darkness may suggest that you're tapping into your intuition or exploring deeper layers of your psyche. It could indicate that you're seeking answers or insights from your inner wisdom.

In some spiritual traditions, darkness represents the primordial void from which all creation arises. Dreaming about darkness may symbolize a connection to the divine, the universe, or the collective unconscious. It could indicate a sense of unity, oneness, or interconnectedness with all things.

Indoor darkness

If you dreamed that the light was turned off in the room in which you are working, get ready for a promotion. The Wanderer's Dream Interpretation also predicts an increase in wages or a bonus. In any case, the financial situation will improve, and the social status will become higher.

If in a dream it was not only impenetrable dark in the room, but also chilling cold, this is a sign that difficult times are coming. It will be very difficult for you to reverse the current situation and direct the course of events in the opposite, more benign direction. The Universal dream book advises to gain patience and courage. You will simply need them in the coming times.

Dreams where the room is so dark that you cannot even see your hands mean that in reality you will feel that you are in an uncertain situation. The darker it was in the room you saw in a dream, the more difficult your psychological state will be. Do you feel that you are not able to get out of this state on your own? Feel free to ask for help not in a dream, but in reality: from your parents, friends, lovers or professionals.

The interpretation of dreams is sometimes quite contradictory. For example, Miss Hasse's dream book reports that the dream about darkness in the house is a symbol of peace and well-being. Grishina claims that the darkness reigning in the house is a sign of impending losses.

Darkness in the street

If you dreamed that you were walking along the road at night, what you lost will definitely return. If you were not alone while walking in the dark on the street, this is a sign that this person will help you solve current problems. Especially if you dream that you were walking with your faithful friend.

The interpretation of dreams also gives an explanation of why a hopeless night, which is not replaced by day, is seen in a dream. The Modern dream book believes that this night vision is a sign that only difficult trials are ahead. Overcoming them will not be easy on your own. Do not be embarrassed; be sure to ask for help from the person who treats you with sincerity and kindness.

If in a dream it was night on the street, and at that moment you were in a well-lit house, this means in reality no troubles will touch you in the near future. Perhaps troubles will come to your friends and family. Dream Interpretation Shereminskaya advises to definitely help these people in solving their problems. The dream indicates that when the times are not the best for you, you can also count on a friendly shoulder.

Miller's dream book believes that the darkness in which you were in night vision is a sign of excessive gullibility. Do not believe absolutely everything you hear from other people. People around you are often hypocritical and just lie. So it is worth interpreting the plot, especially if you dreamed that you were wandering in the dark and could not find a way out to the light.

Sergii Haranenko
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