Meaning Of Lizard In A Dream

A lizard is a sign of wealth and resourcefulness. Since ancient times, people believed that these creatures guard the treasure and live only in places where there is gold and precious stones. For this reason, seeing a dream about lizard means favorable circumstances and increase of your financial status. Besides that, lizard in dream may predict a long business-trip. You should also be ready for troubles at work or possible conflicts with relatives.

A lizard that throws off its tail means that such a plot symbolizes wisdom and logic, because these reptiles throw off their tails only at the moment of danger, and then it grows back. There are dangerous minutes in your life that can be avoided by being wise and circumspect.

Eating a lizard in a dream predicts enrichment.

Dreaming of a large lizard - means resentment against a loved one; seeing a beautiful lizard - means increasing your authority at work.

A dream in which the lizard hides in the house from the heat of the day identifies the inner world and the subconscious, which tells the person that all life problems can be solved with the help of simple logic.

If you have dreamed of a hidden lizard, this means you will be able to preserve and increase your wealth.

Unfortunately, it is not always that a dream with these reptiles foreshadows well-being. For example, a big lizard means a future meeting with someone or something that has an ominous beginning. The dreambook of Aesop warns that if a large lizard has attacked, you can expect evil from a close person whom you trust.

And if you dreamed of a biting lizard, this means you need to be cautious in real life, as someone dodgy and cunning can harm your personal life. But even if the reptile did not bite, but was simply disgusting and unfriendly, such a dream also personifies a strong enemy, which is very difficult to neutralize.

As for a dream about bright green lizard, Universal dream book believes that such a plot is a sign of an ambiguous position from which it will be quite difficult to get out. That is why you need to try to avoid slippery situations in life.

The dreambook of Miller is convinced that seeing a lizard in dreams means being seriously attacked by enemies in real life. But if you kill the lizard you dreamed about, you will be able to regain your good fortune and restore lost reputation. But this can happen at the cost of failures in romantic relations.

If you dream of a komodo dragon, this means a major change in your personal life. Universal dreambook is convinced that there should soon be a loved one who can change everything in your life, fill it with meaning. After such a dream, women can wait for a lot of attention from the opposite sex. The dreambook of the Wanderer promises to men the coming appearance of a good housewife, who will create comfort in his house.

According to Miller, a komodo dragon (Varan, monitor lizard) in a dream means attacks from your enemies. Killing this lizard in a dream means returning good luck to your life. A lizard shedding the skin - you will have the ordeal. The same thing means a dream in which a komodo dragon bites you.

The snakes and lizards seen in dreams embody only enemies. If a person crushes them with his feet in a dream, this means the enemies will not be able to harm him in real life.

    What are the Top-5 negative lizard dream meanings?
  • A lizard without a tail speaks of a dangerous situation on the road.
  • Big green lizard - a reprimand from the management.
  • Catching a lizard in the forest - depression.
  • A lizard with two heads - the loss of trust of a loved one.
  • Seeing how a lizard preys on insects is a sign of gossip.
    Here are the Top-5 positive dreams of lizards:
  • A lizard swimming in a lake predicts success at work.
  • Holding a lizard in your hand means an invitation to a fun event.
  • A very small lizard is a sign of a pleasant surprise.
  • Seeing how it grows a tail - receiving a declaration of love.
  • Being afraid of a lizard - comfort and harmony in the house.

Monitor lizard in dream.

Dreams of monitor lizard predicts trouble or warn of a possible accident. A monitor lizard in a dream may also predict reconciliation with someone close to you.

A big monitor lizard in dream is a sign of emergence of ill-wisher. Seeing a monitor lizard attacking predicts financial difficulties.

Monitor lizard at home in your dream is a sign of a conflict with a family member.

    What are the Top-5 negative monitor lizard dream meanings?
  • Desert monitor lizard in dreams predicts a period of loneliness.
  • Short-tailed monitor lizard - a sad event.
  • Running away from a monitor lizard that is trying to attack - the betrayal of a business partner.
  • Killing a monitor lizard in a dream - sign of the disease.
  • If you dreamed about how a lizard sheds its skin, this means communicating with a two-faced person.
    What are the Top-5 positive dreams of monitor lizard?
  • A monitor lizard running away from a predator means getting rid of an ill-wisher.
  • Sleeping monitor lizard - making the right decision.
  • Catching a monitor lizard - financial independence.
  • Putting a monitor lizard in a cage - well-being of the family.
  • Receiving a tame monitor lizard as a gift - traveling to an exotic country.
Sergii Haranenko
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