Machine Gun Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of a machine gun in a dream? Machine guns in dreams predict committing a thoughtless act. According to the Wanderer’s dreambook, a machine gun may symbolize potential, creative energies of the sleeper; male confidence and strength.

An army machine gun is a symbol of danger. Such a dream warns you that you must be especially careful and foresight in making responsible decisions.

Shooting people or animals from a machine gun in a dream – is a sign that you may expect unpredictable events.

Holding the machine gun in your hands – means participating in a dubious endeavor. Shooting your enemies from it – means getting rid of ill-wishers.

Killing people with a Kalashnikov – indicates dissatisfaction with the standard of living.

    What are the Top-5 adverse machine gun dream meanings?
  • A broken machine gun in a dream speaks of vain expectations.
  • Machine guns without cartridges - indicates the risk of becoming a victim of scammers.
  • Reloading the machine gun - means receiving threats from ill-wishers.
  • Dropping a machine gun - predicts disappointment in your loved ones.
  • If you dreamed that you were threatened with a machine gun, this means trouble because of an unfulfilled promise.
    Here are the Top-5 auspicious dreams about machine guns:
  • The disassembled machine gun predicts reconciliation with enemies.
  • Shortened machine gun - promises support from an influential person.
  • Toy machine gun in a dream - predicts making the right decision.
  • Giving it to someone - means winning a large amount.
  • To see how someone cleans the machine gun - means health improving.

Dreaming of a machine gun in action – predicts some noisy events. Seeing how they aim and shoot at you from a machine gun means giving rise to blackmail.

If you had a dream about how you chose a weapon in a store, the dream encourages you to forget the offense you once inflicted. Most likely, we are talking about some very old conversation with a friend.

Cleaning weapons, preparing them for use in a dream means that you are characterized by a continuous state of "combat readiness", you are ready to throw your chest at the embrasure at any moment.

Dreaming of taking a machine gun from someone symbolizes the opportunity to implement your abilities at work.

Walking down the street with it – indicates the need to solve other people's problems; shooting yourself – is a sign of bad luck.

A dream about a black machine gun speaks of bereavement; a green one - predicts a protracted illness; a brown machine gun - deterioration in reputation.

Sergii Haranenko
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