Killing A Person Dream Meaning

What does it mean if someone was killed in your dream? It is difficult to force yourself to believe that a dream about killing a person will bring you any danger. After such a gloomy vision, our brain begins to simply gush with negative thoughts. But it's not worth setting yourself up ahead of time for bad things. It turns out that this image has many interesting interpretations.

Many dream books associate the vision about somebody’s murder with the real fear of loss. The fear of losing your loved ones, work, status or financial well-being provokes such a dream. But the image can also carry the meaning of positive changes that should not be feared.

Killing a person in a dream often indicates suppressed feelings - resentment, anger, or aggression. However, sometimes, on the contrary, it symbolizes liberation from them, rebirth and the beginning of something from scratch.

Sometimes the image of killing people in a dream speaks of inaction, despondency, or the habit of relying on chance. Therefore, you can see it as a call for a decisive step.

What does a killing with or without blood mean in a dream?

If in a dream someone was killed without a drop of blood, it means that the sleeper is opposed to the rules adopted in his family. Or he is contemplating an act that his relatives will definitely not approve of. You should think several times before upsetting your relatives.

If killing with blood costs a little splatter, this means you should learn to manage your anger. People can easily read all the emotions you feel on your face.

And a dream in which everything was covered with blood symbolizes family genes. While reproaching your loved ones for the shortcomings, do not forget that you have the same disadvantages yourself.

What does a dream in which a woman was killed promise?

If a woman is killed in a dream, in reality you should try being gentle, delicate and tolerant. Your character lacks these qualities.

If you killed a woman, this means you are really annoyed by a certain lady in reality. To kill her means to find common language or a way to get even soon.

And to commit the murder of a woman in the company of another person is a sign of liberation from someone else's influence. You should start thinking for yourself, rather than repeating thoughts after others.

What does killing a guy or a man, or seeing the man’s murder from the side mean in a dream?

Becoming an eyewitness to the murder of a guy, means you will yield to the one with whom you often argue in reality. You will not lose anything from this, but only gain. Also, if a man is killed in a dream, you need to take the first step towards reconciliation in a quarrel.

If you killed the guy yourself, you should not demonstrate your intelligence and ingenuity openly. By pretending to be a fool, many problems can be avoided.

And to kill a guy in the company of an accomplice means to have an idol in your surrounding. Interpreters advise the dreamer to be himself, and not imitate others.

What does killing many people or seeing a mass murder mean in a dream?

Sleepers, who happened to kill many people themselves, have an explosive character. Or they perceive what they disagree with very emotionally. They can use a little patience and wisdom.

Those who dreamed of the mass murder of their acquaintances, deep down in their hearts, want to surprise society with something. Some do not even mind making a scandal in order to attract glances. And for some, the usual praise is enough.

And to see a lot of killed strangers means to look for an outlet in reality. The dreamer lacks a strong shoulder to lean on.

What does it mean if you dream of killing your ex-boyfriend?

The murder of your ex-boyfriend in a dream calls to deal with this relationship completely. If the incident happened quietly, this means the remaining feelings will go away on their own over time. Take positive thoughts for now.

And to see the murder of an ex-boyfriend with blood, chases or screams means hiding anger inside. You should express your claims to the failed suitor in order to start life from scratch.

What does it mean if you dream that your beloved was killed?

If you killed your loved one yourself, this means you need to moderate your requests in reality. You are too picky about your partner and sometimes demand the impossible. Also, to kill a beloved means not giving him enough attention.

When you dream that other people are killing your loved one, be patient. Your partner will need your support in business. It is better to put your needs aside for now.

What does it mean if you dream of killing of a loved one?

To kill a loved one yourself means showing selfish inclinations in reality. Your loved ones do a lot for you, but rarely get reciprocity.

If you dream that a loved one is being killed, do not reject someone else's help out of pride. Such a murder in a dream threatens you being left alone with problems, driving away those who wish you well.

What does it mean if your relatives or the whole family was killed in a dream?

The murder of one of the relatives often testifies to the fact that the relatives see a benefactor and a breadwinner in the sleeping person. They rely on him in personal and financial matters. Also, if someone from your family is killed, this means you have huge psychological influence on family members in reality.

To kill the whole family in a dream means worrying a lot about your relatives. These disturbances now completely occupy the mind of the sleeper.

If in a dream your whole family was killed, you should think about the transience of life. You should appreciate the years spent with loved ones.

What does it mean if one of your siblings was killed in a dream?

If the dreamer had a chance to kill his brother or sister, this indicates the absence of malicious rivalry in the family. You are much closer to your brother or sister than it looks.

Learning about their murder is a sign of weakened family ties. You need to communicate more often with relatives, get together and honor traditions.

And watching a brother or sister being killed means yearning for good times, for example, your childhood or adolescence.

What does it mean if you dreamed about murder of your friend?

Killing her with your own hands is a positive sign for your friendship. This is a symbol of a strong kinship of souls. In no case you should lose such a friend because of petty grievances.

For those who had to hear about the murder of a friend, dream books advise not to pay attention to rumors about her.

And to see how a friend is being killed means not being a good enough comrade yourself. Work on your shortcomings in this area.

What does it mean to accidentally kill a person in a dream?

Watching an accidental killing of a person is a warning sign. Listen to your intuition for what to watch out for.

For those who accidentally committed murder themselves, the interpreters recommend trying their fortune! Risk can bring good luck, but you shouldn't rely on luck entirely.

Did you dream of killing someone unknown?

To contemplate how a stranger is killed can lead to unreasonable worries. Don't try on negative situations for fear of the worst. Interpreters say your imagination is too vigorous.

Killing a stranger on your own means being smart in reality. Such a murder promises a resourcefulness that will save the sleeper more than once.

Was your acquaintance killed in a dream?

If a good, old acquaintance figured in the vision, in reality this person treats you with interest and respect. And he is afraid of losing a friend in your face.

The killed distant acquaintance calls on the dreamer to innovate in his usual life. At the very least - rearrange the furniture, at the maximum - change your profession! The routine has finally sucked you in.

Why do you dream of brutal murder and dismemberment?

Violent crime speaks of business sense and entrepreneurial acumen. Having taken up some business professionally, you will not have competitors in it.

And the dream about dismemberment only testifies to the desire to have a good meal. And usually such plots are a part of dreams of those who exhaust themselves with diets or are feeling ashamed about a piece of cake eaten.

What does the accusation of murder in a dream predict?

The vision in which the dreamer himself is accused symbolizes the freeloaders. People-parasites, accustomed to taking advantage of your kindness, also make claims. Don't let their impudence become active.

If the dreamer accuses someone of a terrible crime, he needs to eliminate the rival. Whether it's a competitor in love or business, you should deal with him by any means, without hesitation.

What does it mean if you dreamed that your son or daughter was killed?

If the sleeping person dreamed that he had killed his son, it means you should be stricter in raising the offspring. A child needs a steady hand.

To kill your own daughter means to be jealous of her adult life and to be afraid to let go of her. However, you must understand the inevitability of this.

If in a dream someone else's father killed his son or daughter, this means you will make or have already turned out to be a wonderful parent. You know how to admit your mistakes and correct them.

Did you dream about the murder of your parents?

To kill your own parents is a sign of separation from the family nest in a positive sense. Parents are proud of the dreamer's independence, life success and prospects.

If other people have killed them, this is a sign that your parents are extremely lonely. Perhaps they do not receive your attention, they want to communicate or meet more often.

What does killing a dead man mean in a dream?

For those who annihilated the creepy dead, the dream books advise not to look back at their past life. Not to think that the present could have turned out differently. Build the future, don't mourn the past.

If you had to kill the dead person with blood as if they were alive, this means old feelings overwhelm you. It may be an unfinished romance, an old grudge or an old hatred. Until you figure this out, it will be difficult to move on.

What does it mean if someone tried to kill a person in your dream?

Such an attempt means that the sleeper is driving himself into bad attitude towards his own body. However, the situation can be changed by starting to take care of yourself today.

If the dreamer has made a whole plan of how to destroy the victim, this means his real life is too planned out. Add a little spontaneity and surprise to it, otherwise you will soon get bored without adventures.

What does it mean if in a dream your wife was killed in front of your eyes?

In a dream of a young man, the wife’s murder means that others are jealous of your happy marriage. Listen to gossip less and carry your spouse in your arms more often.

If a mature man dreams of how his wife was killed in front of his eyes, the spouse needs to be brought out for entertainment. Without romance, she withers and turns into a woman tortured by life.

What does committing the murder of a grandmother or seeing it in a dream mean?

Killing a grandmother with your own hands represents diligence that will be rewarded. Perhaps now you should completely immerse yourself in work or study. The fruits of such sacrifice will become apparent soon.

Those who saw the murder of their grandmother do not need to be afraid of separation from their loved ones. A temporary separation, on the contrary, will be beneficial.

Why do you dream of killing a bad person?

The murder of a negative character in a dream advises not to look for easy ways. Anything that seems too simple and accessible should alert the sleeper.

If you killed someone who annoyed you personally, you should not harbor resentment. The ugly act had quite good reasons. You should forgive generously and erase the incident from your memory.

What does killing a person with your hands mean in a dream?

Choking a victim with your own hands in a dream speaks of good physical efficiency. Things will come easy. The main thing is not to miss this moment when any work comes easily.

Dreamers who beat someone with their hands need to let off steam. You should beat, for example, a punching bag. This is a great way to relieve stress after a tiring day.

Did you dream that the deceased killed a person?

A vision, in which a deceased acquaintance kills a living one, should be regarded as fear of losing loved ones or friends. You are very attached to people and it is hard to endure separation.

If death occurred from the hand of an unknown deceased, you should listen to the voice of the body. It will tell you what you need now - sports or recreation, a visit to the doctor or active entertainment.

What does it mean if someone kills a person and hides him in a dream?

This image speaks of the need to hide your intentions from people. Understatement is the best weapon against gossipers.

And the vision, in which the sleeping man hid the victim at home, urges not to wash dirty linen in public. Keep your family affairs behind closed doors.

Why do you dream of investigating a murder?

If the dreamer has been investigating himself, he should develop the art of communication. Well-delivered speech and communication skills will render a service in professional implementation.

And investigating a murder with a detective or the police means it is hard for you to accept anything new. The image concerns both advanced technologies and everyday changes.

What does a dream in which two people were killed promise?

Such a plot reflects your distrust towards others. Killing two people at the same time means stealth. You prefer to surround yourself only with the closest, time-tested people. And you let new ones into your heart only after thorough checks.

And killing two people in turn symbolizes the desire to open up, to tell someone a personal experience or a secret. Make up your mind; you need to learn to bare your soul.

Why do you dream of killing the attackers while defending yourself?

Having committed a murder in a dream, means you should deal with those who exert negative pressure on you in reality. For those who defended themselves from an attacking stranger, interpreters advise to be sharper with enemies. And not to get lost in their presence, allowing yourself to be oppressed.

If you defended yourself from the attacks of familiar people, let your family know that you have grown up a long time ago. And you do not need constant care, moral admonition and education.

What does it mean if you had a dream that you had to kill a man in a fight?

Having inflicted a crushing blow in a fight, do not ignore any discomfort in the body in reality. The image can personify physical overwork or, conversely, a sedentary lifestyle. Putting off health issues for later, you risk.

If the fight was fierce, with blood and ended in murder, this is a sign you need to be outdoors more often. Such a plot warns of a lack of oxygen in the blood.

Why is a pregnant woman dreaming of killing someone?

If a pregnant woman had to kill a person herself, this is a manifestation of the maternal instinct. An excellent mother will come out of a woman, ready to kill the enemy for her child.

And watching someone kill in a dream is a sign of calcium deficiency in the body. A pregnant woman should add foods containing it and take vitamins.

What do Freud and Miller's dream books prophesy about murder in dreams?

Freud points out the connection between the vision and the habit of shifting responsibility to others. It is easier for you to close your eyes to a specific difficult situation than to solve it.

According to Miller's dream book, the image personifies your good qualities, hidden in the depths of your soul. Over time, they became dull when faced with the realities of life. But when making important decisions, do not forget that you have a bright and merciful soul.

What does an Islamic or Muslim dream book promise if you dreamed about people killed?

For the believing dreamer, the plot symbolizes rethinking and rebirth. Be inspired by other people's positive examples in work, creativity and love. This will encourage you to make good changes in your own life.

The Muslim interpreter advises an atheist to get rid of imaginary friends. Do not be afraid of loneliness, the faithful people will immediately appear in the place of bad comrades.

What does a dream of killing a person mean in the sphere of money?

The only way for you to increase your income is to fight for it with all your might. Sometimes in order to achieve this you have to slightly muffle the voice of conscience, go over the heads of others and cheat in every possible way. Let the thought that the strongest survives in our time soothe you. You should awake in yourself the main qualities of a hunter - prudence and quick reaction.

Take your losses calmly, even if you have lost a fortune. To prevent spending from becoming a disaster, turn off emotions in money matters. Such a dream implies costs, but sober mind and composure will help you regain what was lost.

The vision of killing someone in a dream also calls for financial self-sufficiency. If you live with your parents or are financially dependent on someone, try to go your own way. Difficulties will arise at first, but later you will enjoy such changes.

What does it mean if someone was killed in your dream in the sphere of health?

Please note that the poor health that visits you sometimes is a consequence of the wrong lifestyle. Magnetic storms, the location of the planets and an abrupt change in weather have nothing to do with it. You stop replacing responsibility; you need to take care of your health.

For those who are dissatisfied with their appearance and dreamed about people being killed, the dream books offer analyzing this issue seriously. Perhaps the search for non-existent flaws in oneself occurs because of the nervous condition. You need to deal with the psychological side of the issue, and not reshape your appearance.

If you had a dream about killing a person, this means that in your diet, you should strictly avoid processed foods and foods high in cholesterol. If your stomach or intestines are bothering you, rest assured that all the troubles come from the use of such food.

It is believed that sport is able to save one from any ailment. But in your particular case, the best sport is healthy, full sleep, not vigorous training. And the ideal load is stretching or a relaxing yoga session.

As soon as you sense the approach of bad mood, prepare heavy artillery. For example, surround yourself with beautiful things and nice people. Fight melancholy and pessimism with vivid impressions.

How does a dream about murdered people influence the sphere of relationships?

Many people must be excluded from your social circle forever. Friends who have lost trust, boring acquaintances, or simply unpleasant persons are wasting your time. And they occupy a place to which new, interesting people could come.

The vision calls for the restoration of once-broken friendships. If the sleeper yearns for former friends with whom he quarreled, the time has come for reconciliation. Don't neglect your friendship out of pride, arrogance, and unwillingness to admit mistakes.

In romantic impulses, try to save your face. Do not humiliate yourself in front of the chosen one and do not let it be understood that you are ready for any sacrifices. Even very strong feelings need to be controlled without turning them into insane madness.

In a family, it can be difficult to restrain violent emotions; especially when all of its members have difficult characters.

What to expect from your surrounding after a dream about a person being killed?

Your colleagues can start a serious war among themselves. And you, willy-nilly, will have to boil in this cauldron, being an eyewitness to their squabbles. Stay away from the showdown by not taking sides. And squabbles will bypass you.

Friends will expect the dreamer to pay full attention to their problems. And they will be very offended if he has more important things to do. Therefore, if friendship is dear to you, devote the next few days exclusively to your comrades. Listen, comfort and convince you of your sympathy.

You will also have to sacrifice something for the welfare of your family. The question will often arise: to devote the day off to your favorite business or communication with relatives. When making a choice in the direction of your interests, do not be surprised at the chill in relationships with loved ones.

When you dream about killing someone, familiar people can surprise by showing a completely different side of their character. Do not flatter yourself thinking that you know all your acquaintances very well. You can only trust yourself.

Communication with strangers can push the sleeper into philosophical thoughts. Every now and then you will come across people with rich life experience, wisdom and a desire to talk on lofty topics.

What does a dream that you killed a person mean in the sphere of entertainment and rest?

Entertainment should be useful, not just dilute boring everyday life. You should choose leisure activities that will help you learn something new. And give up empty amusements that do not carry any semantic load.

Rest is necessary not only from work, but also from people. Turn off your phone often and practice walking alone. Listen to classical music or motivational audiobooks.

Get ready to visit those whom, due to circumstances, you have not seen for a long time. Even if the journey promises to be difficult and distant, do not hesitate. Meeting after a long separation will brighten up any difficulties passed.

How do dreams where people were murdered influence our work and career?

At work, don't stoop to open competition if you had a dream about somebody’s murder. Perform duties in good faith, and do not quarrel with anyone. Your professionalism and ability to avoid conflicts will be noticed.

The same rule should be followed in building a career. Bosses like people who can calmly handle difficult situations. And brawlers, as a rule, find themselves overboard. If you want to grow in position, show that you can control yourself.

For the sake of a successful business, you will have to sacrifice time spent with your family, and even health. This is a difficult path, full of wasted nerves and lack of sleep.

What does the dream about the murder of a person call for in the sphere of self-development?

In terms of teaching, the emphasis should be on practice, not theory. This will help you perceive information better. Once you've learned something new, don't stop there. It is good to try yourself even in those directions that seem unusual to you.

The main character trait with which the dreamer needs to fight is a superficial attitude to life. Frivolity prevents you from understanding what is worth attention and what is sheer nonsense. You treat serious things with a grin, and you perceive nonsense with all the depths of your soul.


Killing a person in a dream will shock anyone! However, the interpretations prove that the image has nothing to do with death. On the contrary, it opens the sleeping person's eyes to his life and suggests the right direction. Let such visions not frighten you from now on, but give anticipation of interesting interpretations.

Sergii Haranenko
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