Wounded Person Dream Meaning

What does a wounded man represent in a dream? Such an image in a dream promises affliction, failure, injustice. However, helping him or bandaging, as the dream book claims, is a portent of good luck, an opportunity to get the support of loved ones.

    The interpretation of a dream takes into account what kind of injury you saw:
  • knife/stab wound - a great passion is waiting for you;
  • injury from firearms - a professional threat;
  • easy injury - problems can be solved;
  • light wound, but with multiple damage - failures in business;
  • severe wounds - discord with friends;
  • fatal injury - the health of one of the relatives is at risk.

What it means if you see a person you know injured? In reality the attitude of friends towards you will deteriorate, they will show injustice. If you were wounded in a dream yourself, the commercial deal that you hoped for to be a success, would fail.

Have you seen a wounded man in a dream? The dream interpretation informs: in reality, the dreamer will quarrel with a friend or some obstacles will arise in achieving the goal.

When the sleeping person stabbed someone with a knife himself, this means his help or advice to this person will only bring harm. If a relative or friend is injured, expect significant losses, worries. Sometimes this is a warning about the betrayal of someone close.

Why does a girl dream of a wounded man? The dream interpretation emphasizes: she needs to beware of her lover's infidelity. They may part soon.

To see many people with injuries and traumas in a dream means you should take care of your own health, as a serious illness is possible.

A dreaming about wounded person, if this is a stranger, is a warning: you should not interfere in someone else's affairs, since the problem will only worsen.

    If you were wounded in a dream, dream books interpret the vision according to what is affected by the trauma:
  • head – you will commit a stupid act;
  • neck – longing, unwillingness to meet friends, acquaintances;
  • area of the heart – great suffering;
  • belly – deceit of enemies;
  • back – betrayal by loved ones;
  • hand – business failure;
  • leg – an obstacle in career development.

To help an injured person in a dream means that in difficult circumstances, the dreamer will be able to count on the participation, support of relatives. A similar plot indicates: the dreamer often shows mercy, love for others.

Applying a patch on someone’s wound means helping someone who really needs money soon.

Bandaging the injury in a dream is a great omen. There will be great success in business and personal life.

What it means if you dream of seeing a wounded person with a damaged face? Dream Interpretation states: there will be a meeting with a friend whom you really offended once and he remembers this. If you have not asked for forgiveness before - now is the time to make amends.

Did you have a dream that you yourself caused damage to a friend or relative? Caution should be exercised: it is very possible that enemies will push you to commit an unseemly act.

Sergii Haranenko
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